Monday, November 26, 2007

Buying Solar Robots

Solar Speeder #2
This soloar bot is being purchased from Solarbotics. It claims to be able to go 10 feet in 40 seconds under direct sunlight. Price $27.50

Cybug Solar Fly
The Solar Fly has infra red lights and seeks out the brightest lights in the area. It's movements resemble an insect and also has a battery mode. This solar robot is sold at the Robotshop.Price $36.00

Why buy solar robots?
Robotics & Solar power are two revolutionary technologies that are booming in our current culture. Both may become tools to save humanity in the future. I feel I do not know enough about either and therefore am attempting to learn how to build these simple kits and familiarize myself with some simple robotics and solar panels. I am also interested in comparing the solar kits of Robotshop and Solarbotics.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome products ... we need more of them!