Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Intro to Zombie Robot Frosting

In mid 2005, I was trying to create a collection of 4 page graphic novels from artist I knew or had met on myspace. Everything was lined up, however the deadline passed, and everyone had other projects to work on. The name of this graphic novel collection was Zombie Robot Frosting. You can see an illustration I did for the cover here.

Then in 2007 I had decided that I wanted to start looking into blogging. I felt I had things to say, and therefore wanted a forum to do so. I was trying to determine the name for my blog, when it occured to me Zombie Robot Frosting was not going to be a graphic novel anytime soon, and therefore would be a good blog name. Especially since I had already created a logo, and bought the domain name.

The first month of blog posts here on Zombie Robot Frosting was as sporadic and diverse as myself. I wrote about my artwork, about online games, star craft 2, cleaning up parks, root beer, the environment, politics, blogging culture, making money blogging... and the list went on and on. It was a chaotic and confusing strategy I was using. You could come one day and find a post about one topic, come the next and find a post about something completely unrelated.

This is when the Bearded Bunny Art Blog was born for my art posts, and Blog Blog Cherry for blog culture posts. By splitting my topics into three blogs, I was giving structure back to ZoRoFro.

Zombie Robot Frosting became a blog that now only deals with the environment, health, science, immortality and sometimes politics. I understand that this is still a lot for one blog to chew, but at least it does not cover all of the topics that my two other blogs now focus on.

My present goal with Zombie Robot Frosting is to:
continue studying natural sodas and health drinks
research immortality and its possible implication on our lives
keep on eye on politics and the world around me
respond to technology that effect us (like solar robots)

I hope you will enjoy sticking around and reading some of my previous posts. Thanks for checking out my blog, and if you have a similar blog or website I am happy to trade links.

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