Monday, June 23, 2008

Eating healthy on the road

One of my personal problems when on a road the temptation to eat fast food. It is fast, cheap and easy. It does come with a side order of guilt, and is definately not good for me.

If you are not aware, my grilfriend and myself, are going on a 5 week art tour from Minnesota to California and back. I am going to the best that I can to avoid fast food. Here is my strategy tips that we plan to abide by:

1. Cooler

First plan of action is keeping a cooler in the car, and having water and other snacks available. We will try to keep enough food in the cooler to make sandwiches or other healthy meals.

2. Grocery Stores instead of Fast Food

We are going to watch the signs on the highways and make sure to stop at grocery stores when we pass them. Committing to stopping there will allow for a refueling of fresh fruits, veggies and nuts.

3. Picnics & Valuable Stops

Another strategy is do try to eat less while driving and make stops at least every hour or so to stretch out, throw down a blanket and have a relaxing picnic. At least grab the cooler and sit at a neat overlook, or park and simply enjoy the rest, instead of trying to eat and drive and making everything more stressful then it needs to be.

4. No Junk Food

No candy, no sweets, no soda. A good rule to live by daily, but even more important while on the road because while you are sitting in one place your body has even a harder time sucking down unhealthy products.

5. Water & Tea

When stopping at gas stations I will be making sure to refill my reuseable tea cup (with my own tea bags) with their hot water, and also getting big jugs of water to keep hydrated. The tea will give me much needed caffiene, and the water will keep me from being dehydrated.

If you have any other good 'eating healthy on the road' tips I would love to add to this list. Leave me a comment, and a link to your website, and I will make sure to add to this list and make it the best one possible.

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