Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Dr. Bostrom
Dr. Nick Bostrom is one of the most exciting scientist lectures I've ever heard. Bostrom has a really interesting theory about the exponential growth of intelligence and the intelligences ability to create simulations. He proposes that there is a very good chance WE are living in a simulation run be a superior race, or even more likely by our race in the future. Hear the really fascinating
Nick Bostrom Radio lecture

The Future of Humanity
This website the future of humanity links to some great articles and lectures. If this topic is interesting to you, it is a great research tool. I found them original on Minnesota Public Radio and have gone from there.

Alone in Space
Bostrom's concepts suggests a great filter which I either in front of us, or behind us. This filter would explain whether or not aliens would be likely to be out in space, or whether we are alone in our digital knowledge.

Our Life just an advanced SIMULATION
Dr. Bostrom makes a strong case for our entire world being a potential simulation. He even notes that it would be pompous and statistically unlikely that we are the first race to reach this level of technology, and that it is far more likely that another generation has been to this intelligence and beyond. We are just their simulation.

Something to think about


Ray said...

Yes. It is experience simulator built to reflect the needs and equations of the economic engine. "Life" as we find it, has nothing to do with actual LIFE. It has a lot more to do with subsidized and industrial death.

Watch Alex Jones, vote Ron Paul, TOTAL CIVIL LIBERTY AND PEACE.

La tee dah.

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