Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Bearded Bunnies Blog Project: Turn Art into Cash

The Bearded Bunny Ball Blog Project (BBBBP)

Turn art into cash. One of my exciting projects (which I will update weekly on my blog) is the BBBBP. The project will entail the creation of a number of various bearded bunny drawings, the making of inexpensive prints, the finding of inexpensive frames, and the act of selling them on-line.

Tracking the Progress

I am going to log my hours, my expenses, my methods, my funds recieved and of course post the bunny images here for all to see. The goal of this project is to create and sell as many bearded bunny prints as possible.

The Prints

I will hand draw 20-50 small playing card sized bearded bunnies in the span of a few days (see example at the top of this post). I will print a limited 10 hand signed and hand numbered prints of each bearded bunny ball. The bunnies will then be framed and sold.

Products and Sites I will Use
To accomplish this project, I will be using: to sell and advertise the prints
Dollar Tree to buy inexpensive frames to do one live bearded bunny creation day (8 hours) to print the prints
USPS to ship the works & to sell the product
Paypal to collect funds
and of course blogger to track the progress.

The Goal

To provide a detailed account of a project to earn money making artwork. If successful it will be a guideline for other artists to follow and create inexpensive artwork for profit. I am going to also use this project as a way to compare ebay sales, to my website sales and hopefully try out a number of auctions sites.

Start Date

The creation of the bearded bunnies has already begun. The effort to turn the bunnies into profit will begin Monday, October 22nd.


Megan said...

You should think about selling some on It's a great site for all things handmade... and I would definitely buy one!

Megan (lovewhenyoulove)

williamhessian said...


YES! i was trying to remember what that site was called! Great comment.