Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Duplicate Poker: A Legal Poker Site or a Scam?

How I Stumbled onto this Poker site

I was actually goaded into trying out this poker site because of Moola.com's money back booster program (which at the time was over $80 dollars). I skeptically watched the basic flash video at Duplicate Poker. I decided, figuring this booster was legit, I could only make money on the deal, to give it a chance.

Skill Based Poker

Duplicate Poker boasts that it is a legal gambling site, because it is skill based, as opposed to luck based. I figured it was just some fast talking to get around legal issues, but upon playing it really is a completely different way to play poker. I personally dislike.

Tired of NEWBS and Unskilled Players?
This site will weed out the hacks. Because getting a lucky 5th street flush may still work, but the other 9 hands you miss, you will eventually be beaten by the more skilled consistent player. One big hand won't knock anyone out, but bad play can make it impossible for you to comeback. I do think the site favors skilled players as opposed to newcomers. Plus, its a confusing interface for the first few rounds. Odd stats and an unconventional system makes Duplicate Poker a bit unfriendly to the average poker player.

We have the SAME CARDS
Basically, in tournament play, there are other players that will get the identicle cards that you have. Each seat at each different table will get the same exact hands and flops every hand for one round, you are judged by how well you play those hands against other players on different tables. To make it even more fair, every single hand you start with the full amount of chips. Even if you get Pocket Rockets every single hand and never lose a hand you can still be eliminated at the end of round 1, if the other players with the same hands bleed more money out of opponents.

Potential for Cheating
It worries me to wonder if friends via IM (instant messaging), or people with multiple account and IP addresses can enter the same tournament and be aware of what other players at different tables may have based which seat you were sitting at. I am sure the site does things to combat this type of behavior, yet I can almost guarantee that some foul play is taking place.

I have managed to play with my twenty five dollars and make about 10 extra dollars by winning two tournaments out of six. If you do plan to join or try it out, they offer a free five dollars and a 100% match program, but i strongly suggest joining
Moola.com and make use of the booster program (currently offering around $60 cash back when joining duplicate poker). Moola is a free site, and it only makes sense if you want to give this poker site a try.

Don't Do it
If you do not want to get into the hassle of signing up for moola, applying for boosters and redeeming them, or if you are not familiar with on-line poker then I suggest avoiding Duplicate Poker. It seems to be an easily exploited site, its confusing, its hard to submit questions or feedback to Duplicate Poker, and probably will not last much longer than 2 years, in my opinion.

Either way, Good luck!

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