Friday, October 26, 2007 website review

Help Save World Hunger Today

Free Rice dot com allows you to earn grains of rice for playing a vocabulary building game. The rice is periodically sent to in-need countries through the United Nations to help end world hunger.

The Concept
Basically, corporate giants like Toshibo, Radisson, Liz Claiborn, I Tunes, American Express and others pay to advertise on the page. Each time a viewers plays the game, takes the advertising revenue and buys rice to donate.

Building you Vocabulary
It is kind of funny, the site offers reasons why having a stronger vocab is good for you. I say it is funny, because they list very obvious benefits. I do think the game is beneficial, simple and fun. I really do not know how much good a few hundred grains of rice does to end hunger. However, they have currently raised money for 263,565,050 grains of rice to be donated.

Just Like Any Donation
One never knows if the money, or in this case rice, is being put to good use. Unless you are the one handing out rice to the hungry its nearly impossible to know for sure. I would never consider this to be an extreme act of kindness, nor a tax write off. However, it seems like a nice 5 minute break game to play in substitute of solitare or a flash game of tetris.

I am going to hold back any strong endorsements, but I will indeed invite everyone to try it out and be aware of the efforts. I hope it can make a difference.

Free Rice dot com


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