Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HALLOWEEN: Waldo Hidden at Mall of America

Happy Halloween
Waldo & Walda hidden at Mall of America. Props to Martin Handford the creator of Waldo, what ever happened to him anyways? I searched his name and he seems to have dropped out of the public eye. I want to know what he is doing. I idolized him as a child. Until I found out he didn't actually draw that small, he simply resized his images. My boyhood red & white striped dreams were crushed.

Pardon the choppy photoshopping. I need more practice & more patience. I need a wacom tablet and some other tools to help me in my photoshop ventures.

Where's Waldo
Check out the image and try to find Waldo & Walda. Click the image to view larger.


If you enjoy the image let us know, we may venture out to other crowded locales to bring you more waldo adventures.


Claire said...

Very creative, i enjoyed it :)

Harder next time though please :)

Kris said...

Found you!