Friday, October 12, 2007

Interview with StarCraft English Announcer: DiggitySC (part 2)

(part 2: interview with Diggity. Click here to see part one)

12. When I watch these commentaries, I cannot help but think of Iron Chef, and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, two wildly successful English dubbed shows airing basically in their original foreign form, with English commentating over the top. Could you envision Star Craft making this same leap onto American television? Do you feel has any chance of making this leap?

StarCraft needs a novice approach to breech into American mainstream media. Its an intricate game with intricate rules. This creates an initial barrier to viewers, but at the same time it offers intrigue. The first few broadcasts would need a focus on some of the general gameplay rules.

Right now moletrap and I are in the process of making an equivalent guide so people can hopefully enjoy the commentaries without having
even played broodwar.

Although my guess is that comprehension would be followed with curiosity and Starcraft sales would go up again. It would be awesome if Blizzard did a relaunch with some new CGI for just such an occasion.

13. Has Blizzard, the makers of the Star Craft PC game, showed any support or distaste for your commentaries?

Blizzard thus far has been entirely silent. I am personally very surprised. I know they have their own commentator, Tasteless, who has a prestigious history in Broodwar and is very energetic, it is SO hard to find his commentaries on the web. I really hope that they give Tasteless a personal section on their website highlighting his commentaries, especially with the recent World Cyber Games.

14. Do you feel Blizzard should link your videos to their website? Would it be a good move for the publicity of the game?

If Blizzard linked to my videos, or gave me a personal spot on their website I would pee my pants. But should they? I don't think it could hurt. A lot of companies puzzle about starting viral marketing. I think the majority of my growth on youtube is viral. Right now I am getting 10,000 views a week and rising.

On the other hand, I am currently doing commentary out of my passion for the game with no cost to Blizzard. Honestly I feel like any publicity heading Broodwar's direction is of benefit, especially with StarCraft II on the horizon. Remind everyone how stellar Starcraft and Broodwar were in preparation for the release.

Either way I'm not that far from the Irvine office being here in San Diego. I would love to sit down with them.

15. How has StarCraft influenced the world of strategy/PC games?

I saw a poll not too long ago that put StarCraft as something like 10th among all games of all time. I think as time passes it will slowly crawl towards the top. I know that StarCraft sold in the realm of 9 million copies. Really StarCraft proved that perfecting a popular concept (StarCraft being new rendition of Warcraft II) can be extremely successful. Granted, this has resulted in a lot of subpar knock offs, but it has also resulted in amazing successors such as Homeworld 2.

16. Are you excited for the much anticipated Star Craft 2? Why?

StarCraft 2 has made me both nervous and excited. I don't want it replace StarCraft and thus kill the programming establishment in Korean. However if it is a true sequel and instead ends up being a supplement I could quickly see myself doing both StarCraft:Broodwar and StarCraft II commentaries.

17. And what aspect of StarCraft 2 are you most looking forward to?

This might sound silly, but I really want to see how they handle the plot. I was somewhat disappointed by WarCraft III. In WarCraft III it felt like the staff plagiarized their own work from StarCraft and then repeated the same story several times. Seriously how many people can fall for the old corrupt person/thing of power trick before someone catches on?

18. Where do you feel the future of SC English Commentaries will go from here?

I have no clue. StarCraft II is really a wildcard. Will StarCraft II end professional Broodwar gaming or will it simply fuel the popularity for the sport? Either way I plan to enjoy this as long as I can.

19. How do you feel about Klazart's commentaries, and your friend Moletrap's commentaries?

I die a little more every day that Klazart doesn't release a vid. The depth of his knowledge is staggering.

I feel like Moletrap gets too much flak for his foul language. I get a lot of comments from people saying they prefer my style to his, but I think it comes down to just that, preference. I think Moletrap exudes a lot more energy than I do and I feel like his knowledge of pro-gamer history is a lot deeper than mine. As long as I continue doing English commentaries I want to be doing them with him. I feel like our dual commentaries are the best commentaries either of us produced. Now if we can just figure out a way to reduce lag.

20. Who is your favorite StarCraft player? Why?

Got to be Nada. Savior is a strong second. Nada is just so solid, a total rock for his team. I feel like his character pours into his play.

21. What is your favorite Star Craft strategy?

I love it when Terran float their buildings out to launch an attack. My 2nd favorite match of all time involved Boxer floating 4 barracks into a neighboring zergs base. He never saw it coming.

22. Final question: who will win the next World Cyber Games?

My bets are on Savior. He has been on another level lately. I hope that Incontrol has a good showing though

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