Monday, October 8, 2007

StarCraft:Brood War Pro League english commentaries

The best thing on youtube!

If you are a StarCraft fan, itching to play StarCraft 2, or just a fan of great skilled strategy games, watch this video and enjoy Diggity's StarCraft english commentaries on the televised Korean Pro League. Make sure to sample Moletrap's great commentaries as well as the King of English Commentaries Klazartsc, links found below.

The Best StarCraft Players in the World
Watch hours of the most skilled starcraft players in the world. Korean Pro Leagues are extremely fun to watch, and with the English commentating, its fantastic.

In a few days I am interviewing English Commentators Diggity and Moletrap. The interviews will span the topics of the Korean Pro League, StarCraft 2, Strategy, and Blizzard. Do not miss it.

See all of Diggitysc's commentaries
See all of Moletrap's commentaries
See all of Klazartsc's commentaries

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Kris said...

Still haven't watched these yet. I'm afraid once I watch one I wont be able to stop watching the rest of them.