Friday, November 9, 2007

Final Fantasy Midi Collection

Final Fantasy

A video game series which started with the original Nintendo 8-bit system and continues now into PlayStation 3. The game music is some of the best ever made over the course of the Final Fantasy series. I consider Final Fantasy 7 to have the best game soundtrack ever created.

Midi Collection

Since college I have always been collecting midi files from FF games. I just happened toi stumble across: Aaron Walz's FF midi collection. I must say, it is a fantastic collection. Even if you are not familiar with the games, you indeed should listen to some of the files because they are brilliant on their own.

Hidden Gems

I especially enjoy clicking on files from games I have not played. Specifically the Japanese exclusive versions. Each file has its own mood and is fun to click around while browsing the web.

Why Midi Files?

I eventually want to purchase the high quality CD soundtrack of FF tunes. Currently, on my starving artist salary that is not likely to show up on my items of neccessity list. Plus, the sexy simple midi files give me that warm tingly Nintendo nostalga of being a kid again. Off to listen to more.

Thanks to Aaron Walz for his great collection. Check out the tunes and enjoy.

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