Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Immortality Warriors


Earlier this month I made a post about the 5 steps to become immortal. Many readers of that blog wondered why I would even want to be immortal. This is a common attitude towards immortality. The reason why seems quite obvious to me: endless time to learn new things, experience more things, work on more projects, ect. The questions of if it is morally or ethetically sound, is a much harder question to answer. But if your attitude is that Immortality is not for you: because you will get bored, then we have very opposite opinions about immortality.

What makes an immortality warrior?

I recently have been using "immortality warriors" as a term to define those individuals that have all of the following: people who are keeping in good health, people who are planning for the future: for themselves, our people and our earth, people who keep up with and supporting technoligical and medical research, and people who know that given the choice immortality is a good option for them. Having those four attributes I consider Immortality warriors.

Why these people are important

First of all, these are people that enjoy themselves, and have enough hope in the current and future state of the world that they would be willing to continue on forever. These are people who generally feel change is something acheivable and have an open mind about what is next to come.

Scary Ethics

Very hard questions arise when talking about fully realizing immortality. The questions include population problems, space travel, global disasters and stem cell research. Many hard decisions would come as side effects of achieving immortality. Assuming immortality was acheived, death becomes a choice, and not a certainty. Making more prominent choices as to what we focus our research, and intelligence on become very important. Resources will need to be calculated to support immortal huamn beings, which is a rough subject, especially given our current population.

Technologies Synergy

Immortality goes hand and hand with technology. Like a robot skipping with Aubrey de Grey down a sunny green field of wild grass. Obviously advances in scientific research is essential to the progress of studying and accomplishing immortality, and at the same time research in renewable non-earth shattering energy is some needed to become self-sufficient and limit our footprint on earth. Google, one of the leading mega businesses in the world, is investing heavily in renewable energy which gives us a good idea of the next social movement of the world.

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Gabriel Suchir said...

The reason why I want to become an immortal is because I have a heart condition. I think it's more than just funding research, you have to go in there into the field and contribute something yourself, build a large network of scientists or get people you know that are already creating things like an Artificial heart like the Japanese scientist in Japan that made a heart better than the Jarvik and the other brand but the only problem is the battery life.

So we have to find someone that knows about how to create a powerful power supply that works in sync with the body itself. I may not be officially into science because I'm still a freshmen in college, but I have a pretty strong, solid, basic idea on how we might become immortal.

There are many ways, we can grow a new body through stem cell research and place our brains into the body/vessel. Other than that, the other choice is to merge your body with cybernetics that's biocompatible on a medical level from the hormonal changes in your body to even the most basic of keeping the heart beating by finding the proper energy source (I was thinking if something like what Iron Man/Tony Stark had in the movie was real or something alike to it that's very powerful, stable source of energy to use to power the heart. To ensure safety, we can use carbon nanotubes for the replacement of the human skull, or a strong material that replaces the blood vessels themselves.

If we still want to be human we have to build the basics of each part of the body and strenuously research what materials and what analogically fits on how our organic body functions and replace that with a harmonious means of technology that binds us to be human and machine perfectly. I hope when I finish this novel, it'll inspire a lot of people and becomes a best seller or gets made into a movie. The book will be hard science as much as possible I hope even though I'm rushing the book.

But if it's one thing I've learned, don't depend too much on people, even though they are important like you listed. I do depend on science though, and I have faith in myself and know my faith will be rewarded because I control myself.

Death may become a choice, but if we have time to learn, we can delve into what happens after death, do we transubstantiate? What exactly happens? There are such things as hauntings all over the world and world cultures believe in the afterlife, even the Mayan civilization and entering new dimensions. Perhaps when we understand Quantum Physics much more deeply then we currently do and also come up with much more complex machines than the Large Hadron Collider to test quantum related theories. Then, and only then, we will (aw, I just caught myself cracking my knuckles after typing this long response and stretching with it, I guess we have something in common! Maybe its an immortalist thing? lol) be able to understand what happens after death. Perhaps we can keep our consciousness intact through some machine/digital upload and find a machine that can move from the afterlife and between the consciousness kept in the vessel of some machine that stores our consciousness. Maybe we can develop a machine that catches ghosts (real ghosts or something) and reinstate them into a new body.

We need to understand how tachyon systems works before space travel is possible and develop some inertial dampening technology and ship that can sustain life in a stable and advance manner. Such as artificial gravity I'm sure we can develop, I think we need to have a huge 1-3 corporations that are devoted to space travel/planet colonization and another for health/immortal science. what's even more possible and a very smart idea is if someone funded a project towards a city where every scientists and a person that wants to devote their life to science, contributing to the field of research of planet colonization/space travel and health/immortal science working in synchronicity and harmony to hurry up and make this immortality concept a reality quickly. Our times are running short, we all need to understand the quote, Victory Belongs To The Most Preserving.

I'm not a math savvy guy, but tonight I'm finishing my math homework so I can hurry up and go into the science field taking science classes. I just talked to my sister today and said I wanted to Major in Bioen and Minor in Business but she said that business major would take too much work. I hope that's not true or there's a way to get around it. I want to run a company that works with other companies and HURRY UP and make this immortality concept a reality aside from just being hired by some stupid corporation and not have the Business man running it that's at the top have NO IDEA how to make his business in science and business as a whole run more proficiently.

I'm getting extremely impatient that no one seems to be using their imagination as to how an immortal body would consist itself as. As of now, the technology that is out, the first thing I would develop is creating a human body model and closely break down what makes it function, and then research materials that can be biocompatible, then start to design 3D models for what each part/component of the body needs in order to be immortal.

And 2ndly, if we do become immortal, we must ask ourselves the implication that if we do survive for over a 120+ years, will our consciousness go crazy for having lived so long and seen/experienced so many things? Is the human mind designed to handle a larger time frame that we exist in? Mainly because the human mind hasn't existed that long in it's lifespan. Who's the oldest living person ever?

This is where we need the branch of neurology/psychology to step in and examine the minds of the people who have lived past a hundred and examine the location of the mind that's responsible for memory and any part of our consciousness central to how we think and operate and see if there are distinctions and how it will affect us if we lived to be immortals.

I've always been able to look into the past to discover the future, if you look 50 years into the past, and up til now, how far have we gone? Now take the technology we have now and just imagine what we will have in the next 50 years. I'm 19 years old right now and I'm not waiting 50 years on some hope that someone will come up with the methodology of immortality and have to shell out a million dollars to which I probabilistically won't have and most people that turn 70 aren't rich. Everyone should get into biotechnology and do this research themselves and make the money aspect and everything else with it possible.

Someone needs to step up and capitalize on these stagnant corporations that aren't going FAST enough on this chase after immortality. I think if you dream hard enough, and take the tools from reality that are before you and create allies, you will accomplish things faster. I hope I've made an ally out of you.

I hope that when you're done reading this, you can help me find other people who are into the science field like me at a young age and get together and do something to make this wheel turn FASTER.

I want to make a corporation and a city (like Eureka-the show) or have someone help or we can do it all together, a programme that is designed to create a fast track accomplishments and discoveries to become immortal.

We need this now. Everyday, we are getting closer to death, we need to see this to the end before we die or become old and can't become and immortal any more. I REFUSE to die. I need to find some business mogul that will accept his idea, because what's the point of HIM being rich if he can't live longer to see where his money goes or become an immortal? We need a big team to make this happen, we need to work more cohesively. I'm tired of this moving so SLOW.