Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pictures of Bush visiting Injured vets

Does this outreage anyone else?
These pictures of George Bush visited injured vets just infuriates me. Bush's egotistically and selfish reasons for entering the War in Iraq, and standing face to face with his damaged pawns, with his shiteating grin on his face. I have great respect for those that serve the country and are brave enough to make that choice. I however do not respect the human sacrifice that Bush is willing to make for personal financial gains.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
These pictures are as close as Bush will ever get to the War in Iraq (i dont mean that physically). It is just incredible to me that he can be as inhumane as he is, to actually stare with his own eyes, at sacrificed troops and still feel justified for having thousands and thousands of addition troops still running around in Iraq just prime to kill or be killed.

End the War

The pictures are from Reuters.com. More important pictures available at Reuters.

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Anonymous said...

Truly Appalling to say the least...And sadly enough it looks like we will have another continuation of this or possibly worse with the McCain or McBush administration next year. I think we can all kiss our dreams and the future of our children goodbye if this comes to be.