Sunday, December 9, 2007

Root Beer Review

A Healthy Soda

Root Beer that is good for you. I have recently stopped drinking soda, see my 5 tips to quitting soda forever blog. Recently, I have been trying out all natural root beer brands. I plan to try as many as possible and review them here on Zombie Robot Frosting.


All root beer that I drink must not have any high fructose syrup included. This is a deathmark for any drink on the market, and extremely bad for your health. Secondly, the root beer must be natural or organic, and lastly the drink may not include any caffiene. Which luckily, most root beers do not have.

Old Fashioned Root Beer

My first root beer victim. Old Fashioned Root Beer comes in a very simple and straight forward tinted bottle. It boasts an all natural herb & root recipe.

Simple, unintimadating design and easy on the eyes. The color of the actual liquid in a clear glass is the classic cola look, maybe slightly lighter. The fizz and foam is minimal, which gives it a very watery appearence.

The taste is very classic and crisp. The aftertaste is not overpowering, it is a very light and refreshing root beer. Not too sweet, and actually quite mellow.

While the taste was not bad, the texture was lacking. This was a very watery root beer. I prefer my root beer to be creamy and foamy. The watery liquid was my biggest critique of this root beer.

Great root beet smell.

1.39 for a 12oz bottle. On the spendy side for a root beer.

7 out of 10 (I always like to rank my reviews to be able to compare)
I enjoyed the taste and was not overwhelmed by the product. I did find the lack of creaminess to leave me less than satisfied especially for the high price tag. When it comes to natural root beer this is a good choice, but with dangling flaws. If you cherish a rich & creamy root beer, Old Fashioned Root Beer is not for you. Otherwise chug away.

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