Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why I will vote for O Bama (follow up to "my friend is a republican")

My last blog My Friend is a Republican resulted in some very good political conversation, check it out.

This was a response that I had, when asked what I liked about my candidate:

"As for your comments about my candidates. When I sit down to think about politics, I feel like I do not have a candidate that stands for me or aligns even close with my overall views. Granted, I think O Bama is by far the best candidate, based on the integrity he has run his current campaign; his stance against the war in Iraq, his stance against torture, his willingness to have dialogue with other leaders (no matter how much you dislike or disagree with them, its best to talk and understand them). O Bama's statement about the temporary gas drop was right on the money, its a temporary political fix which does nothing in the long run, and I think if he is willing to take an unpopular stance on important issues like the war, gas rebates, health care, hated world leaders, then he has the guts and courage to be the president.

It helps that his stances do align with mine on those issues. "

My blog is not normally political, but I invite people with all views to respond and voice their two cents about these issues.

My Friend is a Republican

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alicia said...

Well stated. I feel the same way about Obama. And he has good ideas. Let's hope he can beat McCain. I'd support Hillary as VP if that's what it takes.