Thursday, June 19, 2008

Syzmo Energy Drink

I quit drinking soda nearly a year ago now. One of my best decisions lately, however it was NOT easy.

Meanwhile, I've been constantly searching for some wonder drink to come along, be healthy, taste good, and give me energy. It mihgt not be a realistic dream, however I still am searching.

So far Hansen's soda drinks lately have been the closest thing to perfect. I am in search of a great all natural root beer also...see my root beer reviews. I have not done many root beer reviews lately...because i think i tried them all.

I stopped by my gas station a few days ago and found a hugely overpriced drink called Syzmo. It boasted a natural energy drink with caffiene and I wanted to try it. I actually tried all three flavors, each costing me $2.89. It was the only thing that resembled a drink sans high fructose corn syrup or the even worse Crystalline Fructose.

Syzmo tastes decent. Especially the original flavor, which has a fruity taste but also a hint of a red bull kick. It was mediocre on the energy it gave me, and I felt the laundry list of ingredients... "natural" ingredients, was still a bit fishy. I hate laundry lists of ingredients on any food or beverage product.

If this drink was under 2 dollars I would consider it as an option when I need a boost during the day. But at nearly 3 dollars it will be a last ditch drink at best. Just as a bit of a spoiler...I may have found the best energy drink ever. You'll have to check back in the next few weeks and see what it is. I am trying to contact the company to learn more about it first.

I will also have some more updates about some new Hansen's drinks as well. Stay tuned, and stay healthy. Oh, and enjoy Kelsey and myself with Syzmo!

This picture of us is wacky!

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Paul said...

I found these for $0.60 each at a store near me in the 8 oz size :D

Abby O. said...

I found these 60 cents for the 12 oz. can, from ocean state job lot.