Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Outside the Obama speech (video)

June 3rd (aka yesterday) Barrack Obama came to St. Paul. My girlfriend and myself went to film the crowds. We saw 50,000 people standing in line, watched a man get arrested, and protesters on everyone street corner. This is the video I made.

I wrote a blog about why I will vote for Obama which was a response to the many comments I received from my my friend is a republican blog.

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alicia said...

My hometown! woo!

Nice to see such a large amount of supporters in one place.

Matthew W. said...

Its good that you were able to be part of a cause you believe in right here in Minnesota. Even though you weren't able to get in, I'm sure it was an experience you will never forget. I know I'm looking forward to attending the Republican Convention when it comes to town.

Martha Marshall said...

Thanks for posting your video. It's great to see your very thorough pictures of such a huge crowd at the speech.

I'm not a young person, and I'm supporting Obama. I've been wondering if the youth vote will actually deliver on election day. You give me hope that the young people are fired up enough and are actually going to turn out for this important election. My kids are thirty somethings, and they and their friends are definitely going to vote for him.