Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Web's Best Online CCG with no downloads

CCGsI am no expert on CCG's (collectible card games) or MMO's (massively multiplayer online) but I do love them, and I dream one day to create my own (here is the site that chronicles my attempt at creating a card game). Upon researching these games, I've played pokemon, magic, chaotic, yugioh and a host of other less successful games. I simply cannot afford to play these games at a competitive level. In fact, I think the cost of collecting and playing CCG's is simply TOO expensive. Something I think is a big problem with CCGs in general.

Online CCGs
After weeks of searching I found the best free online "collectible card game" with no downloads. It is called Urban Rivals. Before I start telling you why it is worth playing (and far better than most online games), I want you to know what I was looking for. I started simply looking for new CCGs that were hitting the market, I found and tried Chaotic where you can get a free generic deck online, and can upgrade your deck by buying packs of cards at stores like walmart or target. Chaotic was decent, but there were many issues with the online play that was not fun, and once again, anyone that had spent 50-200 dollars buying cards would automatically dessimate someone who has only spent 10 dollars or no dollars. This divide made that game feel like you should only play if you have the money. I also hated downloading and constantly updating the battle system, which is the same for magic online and most other online games such as this. But then.........

Urban Rivals
You do not need any download to play this game. You get a free deck when you join. It takes only a few seconds to learn and hours to master. The cards are fun and hilarious. Free tournaments every two hours, where you can win rare cards , credit to buy online packs and win money to buy cards in the market. It does cost money to buy online packs of cards, but you can easily create great decks without ever buying a pack. The system is extremely fun, the more you play the more you make the more cards you can buy in the market. Building a deck is really fun, and earning enough credit to buy packs in the store is extremely rewarding. The packs are all done online, so you can buy a pack in seconds and see the new cards withon one moment. You do not need to type in code or wait for packs in the mail. Urban Rivals is almost perfect.

Urban Rivals Gameplay

The actual game is a blast too, I am in a game right now in another browser and I am fighting my 4 gang members against their 4 diverse gang members. I currently have a monotype deck (meaning they are all the same type) with Sentinal gang members. Each card has an attack value and a deck damage value, you assign pills to each card secretly each round to determine how much extra powerful they become (you only get 12 total pills to use and they multiply your attack value). The battles last only a few minutes (3 minutes average) and you watch your cards grow in power upon gained experience and the cards LEVEL UP and turn into new cards the more you play. It is kinda like a RPG card game.

Search for the Best
This is the best free, no download, CCG MMO based online card game I have ever seen. And I have searched for 6 months. You owe it to yourself, if you like RPGs or card games at all, to try this game Urban Rivals.


David Benic said...

If youlike Life Extension supplements, the best place by far to get them is The prices are the lowest out there, and they ship direct from Life Extension!

williamhessian said...

so far 63 people have joined Urban Rivals based on my recommendation. It is still the best free card game online.

Join and play.

Perfect game for the troubled 2009.

girlmath said...

Thanks, I will be giving your recommendation a try. However, I have to give props to Kongai on which hooked me from the get-go. It is also free and requires no download. Take a look if you haven't already! I love it, played it almost every day since I discovered it. Thanks.

lightray55 said...

Interesting take on things, I enjoy online ccg's a lot, but was put off urban rivals due to the 'cheesy' card feel and relatively simple card mechanics...

While it does have the massive advantage of allowing free players to compete well without spending much I think that it lacks a bit in strategy and card differentiation.

I personally like playing Alteil ( though i must confess that i've spent a bit on it, which whilst not 'required' to be competitive, it sure helps a bit in the early stages.

Maybe check it out and see what you think... a bit more strategy and 'depth' than urban rivals...