Friday, November 14, 2008

US citizens are being bribed with economic stimulus packages

Obama! Do not bail out the car companies!

I am not happy about this series of bail outs that is sweeping the nation (and the world). We have broken systems all over the place, and patching them with temporary fixes is the lazy way to answer bigger problems.

We are seriously being bribed with economic stimulus packages, while the government gives away thousands and thousands of dollars of our future money: even before the car company bail outs each taxpayer will have to pay $3,825.14 to afford the first 700 billion dollar bail out. While, we are supposed to be giddy about a $600 check?

Quick Fix
The other big problem with both the bail outs and the stimulus packages is that they are pathetic quick fix attempts to delay the inevitable depression. At some point everything will come crashing down, and I strongly propose being honest with Americans and telling us how we can help. I am going to propose a few solutions in a minute.

New Chance
The most amazing thing about this failing economy is that it opens the door to new opportunities; unfortunately it does not look as though Obama is going to take advantage of this. With failing businesses, and banks; it provides the space and manpower to refocus the countries' efforts in new and exciting directions. Obama has proposed to give 'five million green collar jobs' to americans in the field of renewable energy (according to his new energy website). With the struggling automobile industry, this is our chance! We can make the switch, save jobs, and lead the world into a self sustainable future. I think Obama needs to let the car companies fail, and take the newly jobless workers and implement them in good renewable energy jobs. The car industry may be an outdated business, we need to find better more efficient solutions to travel and commuting to work. Electric cars, solar cars, bikes, segways, and other new inventions need to begin to take form. The failing car industry may be one of the best chances for American to take some giant innovative steps forward.

A Leaky Roof
You can put a bucket under a leaky roof for years and keep your carpet dry, but the fact exists that there is still a hole in the roof. If we do not make bold moves as a nation to stop the problem where it begins, then we will soon be no better than a third world country.

My solutions for the Obama Administration
1. Explain the huge problem that the American people are in, and ask them for help. Ask them to start gardens, grow their own food, by 'used' materials, and conserve energy. The economy will suffer, but it will keep poverty down and limit panic. Explain that jobs WILL be lost, but that jobs NEED to be lost to move forward.

2. DO NOT BAIL ANYTHING OUT! All economic stimulus packages and bail out money needs to be put into renewable energy research and sustainable living practices. Explain that the steps we take now, with the little money we have left to spend, are crucial in deciding how we survive, or struggle through these hard times.

3. Hire unemployed workers into the renewable energy field. Build a sustainable energy system which supports everyone and challenging all conventional practices to become more efficient.

4. Prosecute the previous administration for the crimes they committed, and display to the world that the Bush Administration was corrupt and that American will not stand for it, and are punishing them for their actions.

5. Keep the hope and inspire creativity and working together to help your fellow man


Aleks Hindin said...

I agree with most of that, however I'm not sure it'd be wise to let Ford, Chevy and even GM fail, even though they richly deserve to. Too many jobs are involved, and too much of our country's industrial capability. Imagine fighting major war without an automobile industry. Saving them should involve firing all of their top management and converting every single vehicle they produce to high fuel efficiency.

jx said...

i agree with allowing them to fail - no bailouts. it's a hard line, i know. but great change seems to only come after things become so drastically awful - which all that job loss would be. people need to become uncomfortable before they're motivated to change. strangely, the idea of not bailing the auto industry out is seen as a "right-wing" idea, for those who want to make a partisan issue out of it. i fail to see how it is right-wing.

i heard someone today saying that the auto companies in the US deserve some faith and credit, as they've really changed their ways in recent years by offering fuel-economy models and new technology. i think that's bullshit. the leaders in the industry on that were from other countries and gm and ford just had to keep up to stay current in the market.

good topic - got me all riled up!

williamhessian said...

alex, i do like your bail out idea, however they are putting almost no stipulations on the bail out money. so i strongly doubt that they will use it to make new advancements in renewable energy and fire CEOs. very unlikely.

jx, i also dont understand why being against the bail-out is a 'right wing' stance on the issue, but I have also heard this. it was one of the first things I heard Norm Coleman say, that I've agreed with, in years.

this topiuc gets me all fired up and upset too. i am going to call my congress and tell them how I feel.

PlanetThoughts said...

Excellent column - I like your effort to ignore the encrusted and petrified ways of thinking of the last 30 - no, 100, years.

Endless expansion of farming and industry is a dead end. Just because we have not quite crashed into the blank wall yet does not mean it is far away. Food production and industry are not bad - but we must rethink many assumptions. As far as transport, I agree with two of the positions here - maybe bail them out but fire the top managers and direct who should lead, and require all fuel-efficient and soon plug-in hybrid and/or electric vehicles. Similarly, get off the auto addiction and back to the pervasive light rail that was killed by the auto industry and oil industry in the early 20th century. Several munical trolley/light-rail systems were purchased and torn apart by the oil/auto alliance so that cars would be seen as the only solution (this is well documented, don't worry - just Google it).

Keep the fresh thoughts coming, William!


True Conservative said...

Good thoughts, and some good comments.

We very much need to invest in renewable energy, and I agree entirely that we can't bail out the auto industry (or any other industry) yet again.

There is fault on both sides here. The executives have run their companies into the ground, and the unions have exacerbated the situation through unrealistic demands.

I've posted thoughts on the bailouts and other political happenings on my blog:

Speaking of the comments, it is considered a "right-wing" stance to be against the bailouts because traditional conservatism doesn't support government interference in the markets. Note that the Bush administration was certainly NOT a traditional one. There is a difference between the neo-cons and those of us who identify as "Goldwater" Republicans.

-True Conservative

Barry McMahon said...

There's quite a bit to be said for the ideas on both sides of this topic. Hopefully, this original bail-out wasn't a waste. There is all sorts of evidence that the economic situation will get significantly worse for reasons that aren't even in the news right now. However, I prefer to look at some grass roots, positive measures we can all take. The alternative transportation can begin on a one person by one person basis until the nation catches up. Buy locally. Support small businesses. Conserve goods. Turn off and unplug. Don't waste food and much more!

williamhessian said...

thanks Planet thoughts, true conservative and Barry. Are you the artist Barry McMahon that i know? Or another?

Either way, Barry, I completely agree with your list of things we can do to help the economy today.

it even deserves repeating:
1. buy locally
2.alternative transportation (bike, bus, walk) small businesses
4.conserve goods (stockpile)
5.turn off and unplug not waste food (recycle)

i also want to add:
7. eat less meat (
8. volunteer

keep the comments coming