Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Obama has captured my hope!

I feel damn proud to be an american today. For the last eight years, I have been feeling worse and worse about my country and the direction it has been going in. I feel like, under the Bush administation, we have become the villians of the Earth.  I also blame myself, because I could have done more; done more to protest, to voice my opinion, raise awarness, join activist groups and to help stop the destructive actions of President Bush. 

Either way, here we are: facing the worst economy since the Great Depression, funding and fighting in two unjust wars, a unrealistically daunting national debt, and the rest of the world crumbling down around us. Somehow, Barrak Obama seems to say all the right things with all the right words. And last night, I felt an enormous sense of pride when my country went out and voted for Barrack Obama to be our next president of the United State.

I want to mention, this was the first election I have ever been invested in on this level. In fact, I still consider myself someone who really does not like politics. My least favorite class in college was my politics elective. I thought it was pointless and boring. Now, I am starting to see how it matters, and why it matters to get involved. I give a lot of this credit to Bush's failing administation and the emergence of Barrack's hopeful rise to the national stage.

The first few times I heard Obama speak, nearly a year ago, I was blown away by his voice and simplistic reasoning and outlook on the future. I remember thinking that this was the first time I heard someone saying many of the things I was thinking: talk with your enemies, unite the world, invest in renewable energies, and end the war. In the past, most presidential elects seem to talk about things that do not matter to me, or give some unnessesarily convelutted answer to a problem that has a simply answer. Right from the start, Obama had captured my imagination and hope, by simply having his ideals align with my ideals. 

The best thing, was that Obama's message and campaign ran a steady course and did not stray from his initial message. I never felt betrayed, or lied to (which is unlike any politician I have heard in years). Obama ran a campaign that was so solid, and fundamentally smart, that there is no question in my mind that he can find a way to run the country in a similarily productiove manner. Obama is a brilliant speaker; no one can doubt that, but if you read his book, watch him on stage, hear personal friends talk about him; you quickly understand that this man is intelligent and actually cares about the world around him. Barrack Obama has been so smart and respectful in this campaign that I cannot imagine a better President. I think he is cutting the mold for a new kind of politician.  

You may think I have fallen goo goo eyed politically for Obama, and that anything he does I will defend; and I tell you now I am no mark for Obama. I have always been very critical of anyone in the oval office, and mistakes will no doubt be made. However, I do think it is important to embrace this wave of optimistic energy and give Obama the support and accolades for what he has done so far.

I get goosebumps each time I think that FINALLY we do not have an old white man as president. My eyes are so wide open to possibilities of who can lead this country in the future. I hope that in the next few decades we can see a woman as president, then a latino, and a native american, and the list goes on and on. Having Obama be the first african american president, who literally was the best man suited for the job, gives hope to whole new culture of Americans. Not just the minorities, not just the youth, but to every American citizen and even to every human being around the world. It shows that despite everything that might be between you are your goal, no matter who you are, if you work for it, you can get there (which is a long sentence to say: "yes we can"). Barriers can go down and great things can happen. 

Now what? I have to say, that despite all the problems, I am ready to step up to the plate for this administation and help the country. I will listen to Obama and ready hear what he is saying. I want to make the world a better place, and I believe he does too. I think his intelligence will allow him to come up with great solutions to worldwide problems and I want to be involved in restoring the name of America. 

I also want to say that John McCain's speech to conceed the election to Obama was the best speech I have heard him make. I really felt a sense of wamth from his character that I had not in any speech prior. I gained a lot of respect for him during that speech, because I think he did a great job in sounding sincere and not bitter, after such a long hard fight. While I have never thought McCain would be a good president, I do think he is probably a good person. 

My hope is restored temporarily, and despite the huge climate of crisis in the world is in, I am proud to be an American and ready to help make the world a better place. 


Alicia Billings said...

I leaned Obama but liked McCain and kept waiting for him to do or say something to win me over. I actually wanted McCain to beat Bush back in 2000.

Obama's campaign is the best I've ever seen and I'm betting will be a model for future candidates. He also spent a lot of time in my state early on and met with our Vets answering their questions and addressing their concerns. He only lost here by 16,000 votes. In a state with a black pop. of 1% that is really damn good.

Robin said...

Congratulations - and what a relief!