Sunday, January 4, 2009

Silo Home- my solution to underground living

Have you ever said to yourself, "I want to live underground?"

The rare occasions I have time to dream, I usually think about immortality and self sustainability. Today, I am posting about my solution to living underground.

Heating and cooling expenses are minimized, upkeep and repairs are minimal, potential damage from wind, tornadoes and lightning are minimized as well. Earthquakes, construction and flooding are the potential risks.

My Silo Home concept would allow for the home to survive a number of natural disasters, if the problems arose. Flooding, comet strike, immense temperatures, snowstorm, tornadoes and more. I have a theory that the Egyptian pyramids were structures to best survive numerous natural disasters, and in the end became tombs since the food supply did not outlast the impending disaster. The silo home concept would easily fall victim to the same extended disaster that outlasted food supply.

As you can see in the sketches, the home can be burrowed (burrow mode) into the ground and also be cranked (by hand) back up above ground (tower mode) in times of calm. The circumference of the actual structure could vary depending on cost, and land available. Since the design is vertical the actual structure would not take up much surface land. Natural light tunnels, solar panels, a water recycling system, indoor and outdoor garden, well access, strong walls and storage are features that the home would proudly boast.

I seriously think this idea needs to be implemented if we are to give any serious consideration to surviving any end of world disaster. Especially planetary pole shifts. This shelter is designed to survive 2012 or any other dooms day scenario. The Apocalypse or the Armageddon is nothing compared to my silo homes. It is my solution to 2012.

I would love to hear what you think of my idea, and the crude sketches that go with it.


Alicia Billings said...

It's the sexiest bomb shelter I've ever seen!

Seriously though, it's a great idea.

Barry McMahon said...

Wow, I recently went to a friends place and he showed me his drawing of this. He is actually working toward this as a goal and has thought about it quite extensively. Apparently, you have too.

Personally, if the bomb is going to drop, I feel that I would have a happier life right about where the explosion takes place. I would want to have my entire family along for the trip.

If humanity has to pull itself from the ashes, I want to be a spirit guide!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Jerry,

I saw your design and I have a similer idea. I would like to see more ideas of what you are thinking. Have you thought of sterling engines, human powered generators,etc. can you post your e-mail so we could talk personally.

williamhessian said...

Jerry, my email is

(i am breaking it up to avoid robotic spammers)

please email me.

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