Monday, April 27, 2009

More flood photos

Jamestown, North Dakota. Flood of 2009.

click images to enlarge. descriptions below each photo.
Nickeus Park bridge. One of my favorite parks. The walking entrance bridge is flooded over. It may not seem that impressive, except normally you'd have to jump ten feet down of the bridge to cannonball into the water.
Here is a sample of the catwalks that have been built these past few weeks. The houses on the left are considered potential floods, however they also have built leveys and dams on the othersides of the houses which actually touch the river.
Here is a sample of the ones that surround the houses. If you look close you can see a hose from a sumpump that is pumping water out of this person's basement. Nearly all houses boarding the river have hoses pumping out flood water from their house. 
Anton Klaus park. There is not supposed to be water anywhere in this photo. Kelsey and I walk/run this park all the time. You can see the pavilion and the basketball court. The poles normally portion off a parking area for car; now only for boats.
Anyone for frisbee golf? This would be a tough hole. Really pretty picture. And what this does not show, is the birds. Who are flying around loving the water.
Another picture where there should be NO water. Normally just grass. Another frisbee golf hole too. Its raining today, and the water is continuing to rise. I will take more pictures when I can. I hope it ends and the town can return to the life it normally lives. Wish us luck.

Read some of my previous blogs for more pictures and information about the worst flood in jamestown since 1997 and possibly ever. The red river can only hold so much.


7th heaven said...

Beautiful pictures. You clicked it urself?

williamhessian said...

my finger did the clicking. although my little digital camera did the hard work.

Anonymous said...

Quite right! Idea good, I support.