Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weather Control

George W Bush once claimed we (america) would be controlling the weather by 2025. There are a number of videos like this one on HAARP that show different ways that we are currently trying to control weather. Talk to anyone that watches the unusual whether patterns in the last few years and they know something is going on.

Just as a casual bystander, occasionally checking or watching the weather reports, I have seen storms do things, move in ways, I have never seen before. It seems we may be witnessing the start of the weather wars. Manipulating the weather to induce or ward off storms approaching. The technology to control the weather is immensely valuable, and can determine who lives and who dies. Especially if you have a company like Monsanto turning all seeds into single use commodities. It is a great business strategy, control the weather and control the seeds of the world; because then you control the world.

Chem trails, UFOs, sonic blasts, satellites, and lights in the sky may all be part of a grand scheme to redirect heat and cold flows on the planet. Thus fueling or diffusing the storm patterns. I plan to look further into how this phenomenon may be
a contributing factor in a lot of other issues, extinction of species, global warming, using storms as weapons, spread of disease and many other really interesting possibilities.

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Nina E J said...

Interesting blog. I'll follow. It's scary how much power they could get if they could control the weather!