Tuesday, December 1, 2009

struggling with work

i struggle with creativity;
not for the lack of it
but for deciding what ideas
to take from idea to reality
with the limited time i have

the poem above, I wrote at work, trying to figure what to spend my night working on. I have many theories of the meaning of life, and I do believe we are meant to be creators and problem solvers. I think the majority of the jobs in this country are pointless and mundane, leaving us all too drained to pursue hobbies, studies, or art.

I feel guilty each day I do not do something creative, and guilty even when I do create; because I am never sure if it was the right thing to spend my time on. It is a tragic system of disappointment in life. Having said that, I am extremely positive and optimistic and downright excited about the future.

I cannot wait to work on my next project, or learn new information. I do wish to avoid doing work for other people and avoiding distractions which entertain me without enriching me. There is a constant battle between artist and the modern world. Every generation the battle is different, but it is always there. I am just happy to be fighting for creativity and trying to convince others to do the same.

Make a creativity pledge to yourself. Create.


thetoymaker said...

Sometimes just being creative is it's own reward.

What are your goals? Mine include helping grownups and kids spend time together making things as well as bringing in money to take care of my family.

Part of being a human is balancing all these choices and responsibilities. Keep using your superpowers for good,


williamhessian said...

my personal philosophy in life, is 'balance'. Glad to hear that word come up, because it really can center someone.

my personal goals include trying to refocus our attention as human beings on things to help our planet and the future of our race.

Being creative is the greatest possible gift. I agree with you there.

Kris said...

Good post Billy.

I was curious to know, what jobs you feel are pointless?

I wish I had the same problem as you and had too many ideas. I don't have enough ideas for projects, photos, whatever. Then when I do have them I usually don't think they're all that great. You have so many great ideas I think you can't go wrong choosing any of them for your next project.

Maybe you should do a poll some time(on facebook?)for what idea you should advance. Kind of like how you did with the comic idea a long time back or like the themes for the live paintings.

Also I think some people need to have mindless entertainment to relax and recharge. Like watching Roseanne! It's just entertainment in my opinion, but it's oh so good.

Anonymous said...
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