Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Undulatus Asperatus- the scarriest cloud I have ever seen

I was reading the 50 best inventions of 2009 and I came across these amazing photos. If I was standing below these cloud formations I would be terrified. It looks like visuals from the end times, or scriptures. I found most of these images on Christian biblical pages using the clouds as a reference of possible signs of the end of the world; or as signs from God. Either God's face, or hands are rumored to appear in these formations.

Here are a few other photos of Undulatus Asperatus:

My first reaction was that this had something to do with man made clouds or chem trails. However, after seeing many photos, i just get a very odd and creepy feeling about the clouds and what conditions might bring about such odd formations.

I would love to talk to a meteorologist or cloud expert about this photos and possible implications they made have.

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jx said...

i would consider possible digital editing, too. not that they're not possible in nature. but i'm just skeptical when it's posited as something to do with christian beliefs.