Friday, January 20, 2012

King of the Pill: new content every day

Have you been looking for a free family friendly web comic to read? Looking for an online adventure with goofy characters set in a fantasy world? A web comic that updates every single day. In 2012there will be 365 new panels in 365 days!).

If those things sound good to you, you should be reading King of the Pill:

You get to follow the PG adventures of Jasper who has taken a pill that has given him the power of the Face of Many Hands. It is a glorious upgrade. Now Jasper will meet a bunch of crazy characters who are all up to mysterious things, and then he must embark on a crazy quest across the planet. If you like goofy stories, funny comics, and bright and colorful worlds, this is a comic for you.

Come read the funny web comic adventure King of the Pill today. I endorse it, because I am the one who makes it! It is also why I have not had the time to post new content on this blog lately. Please help spread the word and support my one year web comic venture! Thanks for your support and readership!

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