Thursday, April 26, 2012

Over worked and Over stressed is Killing Us All

I have been working far too hard to recover from a financial costly and emotionally taxing relationship, which is now almost two years in my past. In the meantime, as I cope with the stress of lost relationship and new surroundings I have spent the last two years working 11 different jobs, occupying Minneapolis, and moving 8 times between three states (Minnesota, Maine and North Dakota). To top it off I am still a practicing visual and performance artist doing miniature art hunts all across the country, teaching art classes and performing live art battles. You can learn all about my artistic projects at my Bearded Bunny Art Blog. To make things even more stressful, the image above is a panel I did for my daily web comic called King of the Pill which has been one of those endeavors that has basically taken up all my free time for this entire year. That WAS the free time that I previously used to use to blog on Zombie Robot Frosting. Every time I plan to sit down and write a blog post here I remember all the things I need to do that have a higher priority and I neglect this blog. I am working on trying to fix that.

Needless to say, one of the ways I cope with stress is to keep myself busy. However, all these projects stress my out. It seems I use stress to fight stress, like fighting fire with fire. And I am getting burnt.......out. As one example, my car (which needs a check up- it has been over a year) looks like a bomb exploded in it. I have half cleaned it a dozen times and I really need to clean it out. My last half-clean revealed a rotten and liquefied green pepper I had forgotten about months ago. I still need to do my taxes.

Now, I would hate for this blog to be a monthly post of complaints and whining. Especially since that is not what this blog is about. This blog is about health, immortality and technology. Although, I think technology has been replaced with activism the last few years. I seem to blog a lot more about protesting and human rights than I do about nanotechnology and robots these days. But, two incredibly bright spots in my recent life has been:

Yoga and Daniel Pinchbeck 

My plan is to write another blog post called, Yoga and Daniel Pinchbeck. If I follow my claim those words will be a link to that post when it is done. But basically I have been enjoying yoga as a great physical and mental break from all of my stress. It has really grounded me and made me feel a lot more calm. On a similar level I got a book on tape from my friend Lauryn Whitmer (she writes a really great blog called Seeking Synchrony) of Daniel Pinchbeck's "Reality 2.0" and it has been great. I have subsequently been watching and listening to a lot of lectures and interviews by Pinchbeck and it has open my mind to a lot of new thoughts regarding the energy shift of 2012, life on earth, human history, psychedelics, advanced alien forms and shamanism. Basically, I love all of these topics and Daniel Pinchbeck's books toss everything at you and your mind is always racing to keep up, which is exactly how I like it. Next post I will talk a more about both Yoga and Pinchbeck's work and why these two things in combination have been a great help to me in the last few months.


The Toymaker said...

One of the ways that we deal with suburban stress is to have a routine. If you get in the habit of making up your bed every day or doing the dishes it becomes automatic and zen. When you have things like a messy car it adds to the stress in your life, like a little hose that sucks off your energy.

One of the hardest things to keep control of is art supplies. All my artist friends struggle with the clutter. Spend a little time every day cleaning and decluttering. It's good for your energy.

And I'm burning a healing candle for you for your expensive relationship. There are a lot of cliches I could tell you, "Let go", "move on" "give it time" but probably the best artmom advice I can give you is to be kind to yourself. Appreciate the good memories, acknowledge the bad and painful ones and be good to you.

Hugs, MSW

williamhessian said...

MSW, i really appreciate your kind and thoughtful response. I take all of your advice to heart and it means a lot to me.