Saturday, September 28, 2013

The State of the Blog

In six years the blog, Zombie Robot Frosting, has gone from being a catch all for all my interests, and birthed 4 other blogs including a bearded bunny art blog, a blog about inventing games, and a blog about blogs. There was a time I was writing on average 3 blogs per day for this site. I wrote blogs about immortality, essays about science, updates on technology I enjoyed, reviews about health and wellness, and the list goes on. In the last year, I have only written twice on this blog.

I understand that this blog was a catalyst for so many of my projects, including my daily web comic project, my art tour across and country and my eventually land square in the middle of the Occupy movement. My blog helped me become an activist, it helped me continue learning long after school, and it helped me organize my budding art career. Zombie Robot Frosting is now neglected like stale cake in the fridge; unable to be discarded because of what it meant in the past.

My life has taken all sorts of turns, including break ups, moving all across the country and getting involved with new and bizarre projects. I will always have this blog as my sounding board for venting about everything under the sun, especially if I have no other vehicles to carry it. It will still be a place I sent people who want to know more about why I am anti-cell phone (although I do own one now), or why I hate GMOs and Chem Trails. My essay on what Occupy meant to me helped shape this attitude of Sheep No More:

It led to a series of drawings that were important for me as an artist. I feel empowered to speak my mind, because I spent the time analyzing my thoughts and researching my fears. I still want to live forever, although I do not think it is very probable (I will hold on hope - you can't take the sky from me). I still pay attention to technology news and pay very close attention to my health, but now I prefer to do it with the company of my community rather than my computer. It is just too easy to write, and too easy to change, and then too easy to regret what was written. Or simply find yourself stuck writing blogs and never living life. But, I know there is a balance for everyone, I just found myself crossing my own lines and sacrificing far too much.

At one point I thought I could make money blogging, maybe even make a lot of money blogging. But I was sniffing the cheap manufactured perfume of the lies of the internet. Blogging became a painful process much of the time and again, this was my own undoing. I think blogging was the backwards gateway to my community, and everything I really wanted in life. I still love writing, and I am still pretty terrible at it. I could benefit from writing 3 blogs a day for eternity and still have endless things to learn about communication, structure and engaging the reader. I never got good at it, but I did learn a lot and did find many other benefits from the practice. Introspection. A new found love of research.

In the end, here I am writing my now clockwork one blog every 6 months. Trying to be positive about a practice I let slip into from my attention. Something that needed to slip away from my priorities, but something that is greatly missed. Like reigns waiting to be picked up, and that is where I leave this entry.

Zombie Robot Frosting is the docking station for my future thoughts, currently lying cold and dormant. Packed high with boxed up old memories, articles, posts, links, rants, reviews, still accessible if you dig, but ultimately outdated; old news. I plan to return now and again to put a few more things on the pile, but I know all to well that the next few years will be the age of my utter declutter declaration. The blog posts that never make it online are the purged posts being set free into my moonlit sky. A new day of different adventures.

And if you want to find these adventures, you are always welcome:  

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Anonymous said...

So interesting that I should find this blog of yours on the first day you've updated it in so long.
You certainly have many talents, and while you think that writing is not one of them, communication is. Continue to grow it, like the seeds of your health, and the to do lists of your projects.
And never underestimate the immortality of all that put into the universe.