Wednesday, October 10, 2007

50 most searched words & why

The 50 Most Search New York Times Words and Phrases for October 10th, 2007 and why.

1. arctic
(because its melting. and that is not good at all)
2. bankrupt (america is, and so is its people)
3. bush (and he's the reason)
4. health (search for it now, before we are too sick to move the mouse around)
5. immigration (illegal immigration is still a major issue)
6. china (soon to no longer have the highest birthrate in the world)
7. iraq (our loyal soldiers are in iraq and we know they fucking shouldn't be)
8. global warming (age of the melting ice cube has begun. where do we fit into the puzzle?)
9. india (passage to india, and possibly a full partner to the nuclear field)
10. education (learning is damn valuable)
11. gotbaum (because its a mysterious airport death)
12. chicago marathon (because the heat killed one and hospitolized hundreds)
13. switzerland (riots in a questionably racist society)
14. october 8 (because its a date. October 7 was also hotly searched the previous day, and october 10 is a hot item today, im willing to wager)
15. college (because who doesn't want to be back in college; unless you are currently in school, then who doesnt want to get out?)
16. nobel prize (because this is important stuff that we should be aware of)
17. gay (because homosexuality fascinates everyone)
18. science (because searching for science makes you feel smart)
19. food (because when you can't find food to eat, search for it on-line)
20. jena 6 (because its a scary story about racism in our current culture)
21. korea (because nuclear weapons are horrifying)
22. blackwater (because this scandal may mean American's are evil)
23. iran (because of petroleum and natural gas)
24. colombia (because of on-line drug trafficking)
25. business (money talks)
26. marketing (and when money talks, you've got to find a way to understand what it is saying)
27. sex (and when the money is done talking its time to rock the squishy square)
28. yankees (because they will probably win the world series yet again)
29. supreme court (because if you dont search for the supreme court, you might be held accountable)
30. none (because...minimilism? actually, im not sure why "none" would be on this list., Maybe it is some form of enlightenment to search for 'none')
31. google (because typing in the '.com' is just too much work.)
32. david brooks (because he wrote a bad book, and everyone is turning on him)
33. columbus (because we all still remember Christopher and his pet monkey)
34. hillary clinton (the first female president has a ring to it)
35. turkey (thanksgiving is coming. and probably moreso because its a country)
36. james dobson (a controversial evangelical christian)
37. war (its also a danger to us all)
38. drugs (because too many people still pop to the pill, or feed the week, or shot the juice)
39. myanmar (mass protests and larger implications)
40. obituaries (who is gone from our world)
41. thomas friedman (the world is flat- is his new book, and we like books)
42. maureen dowd (popular new york times columnist-refer also to #43)
43. women (because women are amazing)
44. sonia gandhi (3rd most powerful woman in the world)
45. art (because art is a relection of the world around us)
46. energy (because we need it, and it is running out)
47. torture (because its dispicable and we want to know its is happening)
48. religion (we have faith enough to search for it)
49. real estate (because foreclosures are happening more frequently than sneezes nowadays)
50. crossword (new york times readers love writing letters into tiny boxes. Wordplay was an awesome movie by the way)

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