Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dare to Dream: A Lucid B Project

After brutally failing my polyphasic sleep experiment earlier this year.... (see:
i have started a new project with filmmaker Brian Felegy....

Artist William Hessian ( and Filmmaker Brian Felegy ( begin a project involving training the mind toi realize when you are dreaming. The overall goal is to be able to realize you are dreaming, and then control your own action inside your dream. Dreams have no logical rules or guidelines, supposedly one is able to achieve a total freedom within their lucid dream.

The willing participants will record their dreams periodically here:

Results: see message board for results as they happen (

If you would like to participate, please join in recording your progress and/or thoughts. Pay attention to patterns. If you plan to play along or are curious about our methods please read this document (

The project began: Monday, September 3rd
The project is currently ongoing

If you have any questions please contact Brian ( or Billy (

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