Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Blog Entry- StarCraft 2

I've been interested for a while in starting a blog. I am a Minnesota based artist, ( specializing in oil painting and airbrushing. I enjoy performing miniature artwork hunts and other interesting secret projects.

At the very same time, I am very interested in a number of topics that lend themselves well to blogging. I plan to do interviews with people I find influential, reviews of products, music and artshows, and log progress on a number of my many studies including polyphasic sleep, lucid dreaming, immortality, and app-o-rama.

Why Zombie Robot Frosting? Originally, the name came from a grpahic novel collection ( which is currently looking for submissions. I wanted to carry over the name to my blog, because nothing is better than robot and zombies mixed together to make a mean frosting. My blog gaurantees to be a mixture of those elements in a very abstract way.

One of my first posts, that I am really excited about, will include a number of interviews (exclusive to this blog) with StarCraft English Commentators who post videos on an underground youtube channel, which displays Korean StarCraft League games. Asking important questions about StarCraft Pro Leagues, StarCraft 2 and more...

A number of blogs are on the way

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