Monday, November 12, 2007

5 Steps to Becoming Immortal

These are the five steps I plan to take to become Immortal. Obviously each step contains a great deal of smaller steps. I will refer to this list while planning for my future.

Step 1: Raise Immortality Awarness
The first step is getting as many people as possibly to pay attention and help fund the research of immortality. This will be done partially by word of mouth to friends, family, social events, co-workers and random passerbys. It will mostly be done through my profession: art. I will begin to incorperate the concept of immortality more fully in my creations, online, with stickers, in stories, videos, graphic novels, paintings, graphics etc. This should help feed the underground immortality advertising awarness movement.

Step 2: Make Contacts
This would be an ongoing goal. I will be joining local and online groups focused on life extension. Alcor's Extreme Life Extension Conference is something I plan to attend in the future. I want to make contacts with scientists, writers, green energy enthusiasts, inventors, politicians, other social conscience artists and like individuals. Basically, anyone interested in pursuing immortality, and moreso those that are proactive about making such changes.

Step 3: Donate
Currently Immortality Institute is my primary focus for donating money. Although, I am open to other life extension research which I would like to support. I am keeping very strict books of my earnings, and designating a certain percentage to donate each year. Other possible places to fund: Curing Old Age Disease Society,

Step 4: Save Money
Being financially smart and strong is extremely important. Even if steps 1-3 go perfectly, immortality research figures out the key to staying alive forever, if I do not take care of my own finances I will be unable to afford the substance myself. It is very clear that becoming immortal will not be cheap. Therefore, saving my money now is crutial. I plan to live a very inexpensive lifestlye.

Step 5: Stay Healthy & Self Sufficient
Another key aspect to this end goal, is to make sure I am staying as healthy as possible in the mean time. I want to have a really strong base to start at when an immortality product hits the market. It is also very possible it will never hit the market, and in that case I want to live as long as possible based simply on health and diet.

Hopefully when the researchers dust falls, there will be an answer.


Laura said...

I've decided to be immortal too. I want to see how everything turns out in the end. It's like reading a really good book and being expected to stop and just never get to the end. So I'm sticking around.

Shannon said...

An important step to becoming an Immortalist, is to sign up for cryonics in case something happens to you now.

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