Monday, February 4, 2008

My China Doll Theory

First of all, before diving into my theory, I must make two warnings. 1. I am not a scientist, nor a biologer, nor a chemist; nor do I have a credible degree in any field that would give me any sort of expertise to support my theory. 2. I am fully aware theories like this have been made before in other forms if you look for it.

As long as you know, I am simply an artist from Minnesota this China Doll theory will go down a lot smoother. At least, in terms of ignoring it if you want to.

My China Doll Theory

The China Doll Theory gets its name from the china dolls in which there is one large china doll you can open, to find a smaller but identicle doll on the inside, this smaller doll can be opened to reveal an even smaller doll, until you open all the dolls and find a very tiny center doll. This is what I feel is the pattern of our cells.

I feel that the patterns of our DNA are a direct parallel to the larger workings of the solar systems structures. If you use a microscope to examines the way our cells relate to one anther, with magnetic pulses, positive and negative changes, cell activity and cell patterns I beleieve it will be found that the solar systems' planets, moons & stars react in a similar if not indenticle relationship. As if our cells are the replica of the larger system around us.

One step further, I believe that our solar system is probably part of a much larger system following the same rules. This larger system would be just barelgy small enough to comprehend at this point, and that this barely comprehensible system surround our solar system has a much larger uncomprehensible system around it.

In the same method, I think once we are able to study nanotechnology and behind we will soon be able to break down our own cells so far to see smaller systems within those tiny cells. Starting with our cells that are so small they cannot be visiable without a microscope, and then to witness a system of much smaller nano cells working very much the way our cells work, and our solar system works, that are in order to essentially build our current cells. Beyond that, I am sure this continues exponentially smaller and smaller to increidbly small scales of unimagineagable minuteness.

I have since been trying to track down other theories like my own. My goal is to study these theories and determine if my conclusion holds any validy, or can be disproven.

If you have any input on my China Doll Theories or Theories of your own I would love to hear from you.

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