Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The 5 Best Alternatives for Soda

Do you want to give up drinking soda? Or at least cut back? Six months ago, I was an avvid coke drinker, and read one too many scary articles about the poisons in soft drinks. The next day was my last day drinking soda, and I have not looked back. I have found a number of great alternatives that have helped me stay away from that evil soda and remain on the healthy path to immortality.

1. Water & Hard Candy

If you can make a straight switch for soda to water, you are a powerful person. In fact, you probably do not need to read the rest of the list. Drinking water is a good move no matter what is going on in your life. Simply adding a peice of hard candy while drinking water can give flavor and sugar to the water and is a good way to allow yourself to water drink often and still get the sweet flavor you will be missing from soda.

2. Tea and Juice

Tea and Juice combos have recently been showing up in the grocery stores. Hansen's Natural and POM juice are just a few brands coming out with excellent tea/pomegranate drinks that are delicious. They are slightly caffienated and tastey. Each brand offers a set of flavors to choose from and I have not disliked any of these. POM is a bit pricey for a starving artist like myself, at almost 3 bucks per bottle, Hansen's natural around 2 bucks (but you must by them in four packs). There are also a few other versions on the market that taste amazing and give you a little caffiene. If you had the time making your own tea juice is a brilliant conclusion. My recipe includes: black tea/ green tea/ 100% pomegranate juice/ freshly squeezed lemon juice (the only problem with my recipe, is that its hard to make enough at a time).

3. Carbonated juice

The best carbonated juice I have ever found is The Switch, which comes in numerous really impressive flavors like Black Cherry, Orange Tangerine,kiwi Berry, Watermelon Strawberry, and also: Apricot Peach, Grape, and Fruit Punch (all of which i have yet to find). Each flavor i have tried I have been amazed with how much it tastes like soda. I am completely fooled and enjoy each drop. Another plus for me, is that the aftertaste is a little too sweet, which keeps me from drinking tons of them each day. Oddly enough the switch is priced differently depending on where you find it. Target sells it for almost half of what groceries stores charge at $5 per four pack.

4. China Cola

All natural cola. I about did a flip when I saw this on the shelf. A cola that was good for me. I read the ingredients and pumped my fist. After tasting the product I was smiling, not only is it natural it tastes a lot like RC cola. This is going to be my special treat at the store. It fills the crave for that cola taste and gets rid of all that useless guilt that I used to have looming over me. China Cola is a great product to ween yourself away from the evil colas, Coke and Pepsi.

5. All Natural Root Beer

I never was a huge fan of root beer when I could have Coke or Pepsi. My intake of and addiction to those popular high frustose injected pops soon frightened me, and when I heard that there were all natural, health food type, root beers I told myself "I need to find a good natural root beer!". That search still continues with my ongoing all natural root beer reviews that I publish right here on Zombie Robot Frosting. And yes, that is a picture of a root beer party keg we purchased for a party ($19.99).

5 tips to quit drinking soda forever is my most popular blog on Zombie Robot Frosting. It has been a personal mission of mine to stay away from bad foods. Fountain drinks were my biggest vice and my biggest addiction. If I can give up the killer soda then so can you! Good luck!


Who We Are said...

Cocaine, cane sugar, caramel and seltzer... Also, works as a hangover cure.

Blog Starr said...

I've been off Diet Coke since new year's eve. I miss it like a long lost friend. I know I'm doing the right thing, but, sigh.

Kim said...

I've never been a soda drinker, but your advise is good! Thanks friend for checking out my blog and leaving a comment

the compliment goes right back at ya!

pee wee said...

As long as we allow the government to add hydrofluorosilicic acid to the drinking water there is no such thing as a natural soda. Soda is made with water.
I can tell you one thing. An aluminum can of soda has Arsenic, Cyanide, Antimony, Barium, Cadmium, and Mercury. The fluoride in the water leaches these toxic chemicals from the Aluminum.

Gerald Marsch

Anonymous said...

I recently went to the Dr. for abdominal pains. After many expensive tests - he told me that the acid in the soda I was drinking caused ulcers in my bladder. They will never go away. He put me on a special diet with no coffee, tea, soda, fruit or preservatives for the rest of my life. All this because I love Mountain Dew, and drank a six pack a day for about 20 years.
You are wise beyond your years to stop drinking it now.
Keep up the good work on the site!

I look forward to your root beer reviews (root beer - all natural is the only soda I can have).

Tobie said...


I have been an on again, off again Coke drinker for a long time. I've struggled a long time with it. When I have gotten off of drinking Coke, I found that Kool-aid made with Splenda helped me kick the Coke habit. Thanks for your blog and the other one about 5 ways to stop drinking soda! I'm going to recommit myself this weekend to no soda.


its used to clean battery take the rust off what do u think its does to the intestines