Thursday, February 7, 2008

Roof Fight

Roof Fight

Good ol' roof fights. Back when you knew the worst that could happen was for your bloody carcus to be tossed off a 5 story building. Back when things were much simpler. None of this caucus voting and global warming.

Zombie Robot Frosting has been an excellent forum for me to vent. I am able to express myself about politics, scientific research, health and my beleifs about immortality. The blog has given me an excuse to further research topics I normally would only browse through.

Knock Out

Not long ago, my focus was on making short videos at Jumpcut. I was using the online video editor to create original videos with my digital camera. I plan to use jumpcut again during the recording of my art tour in 2008.

I plan to create a series of videos based on my adventures creating artshows from Minnesota to California and back. It should prove to be an exciting time. It all takes place in June 2008-July 2008.

Meanwhile, I plan to meet up with artists and focus on promoting immortality, eating healthy, alternative energy and all the things I beleive. I plan to do this without preaching or coming off as better than anyone. I truly beleive we are all equal, and just happen to make different decisions in life. I do feel lucky that I care enough in the things that I do that it is essential I pass on my knowledge to others. I hope others will do the same, and we can start a new focus for a new generation of people.

How to become immortal and Stop Drinking Soda Forever are two of my most popular blogs that you should also check out.

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