Tuesday, April 1, 2008

5 reasons you should think like an IMMORTALIST

Everyone should think like an Immortalist

I am 25 years old, I have now been soda-free for 9 months, I am a member of Immortal Institute, I am trying to learn how to build solar panels, and I am an artist.

When I started seeking out life extension research I managed to stumble upon a few communities of very impressive people. Most notably those on the forums of Immortal Institutes forums and also those that appear on Steve Pavlina's forums.

The reason I value the moral values of Immortalists is because:

1. The Earth
If you think you could potentially live forever, you need the world to live forever too. This means reducing ones carbon footprints on earth. Turning ones focus on green energy, and non extinguishable sources.

2. Health
One must stay in really good shape, eat well, drink well, sleep well. Avoid sicknesses, avoid diseases, ect. It is important to live well, and keep ones body in good shape, because it is not definate when immortal research will be complete.

3. Knowledge
Often times people ask "what would you do with an eternity"... and the general answer from immortalists is 'learn'. One could build millions of skills, and build an incredible base of knowledge. You would no longer have to pick between what to learn, and simply need to determine what to learn first.

4. People
If there is only a set number of people in the world, that are going to live forever, the relationships between everyone become very important. Respect is also very important. I feel the life extension crowd I have met already treat people with respect. They are open to new ideas and other life styles which is really important.

5. Ethusiasm about the Future
Possibly the most valuable of all of these traits is the general mood of these people. There is a genuine excitement about the future, and a legitimate hope about what is to come. It is not just that these people do these things because they have to, they do them because they want to. Plus they do these things with enthusiasm and positivity. In the long run its better for you, me, and the world.

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Cynthia said...

Wow.. that is a very good idea. Maybe, too, we should invest like our money is going to grow and grow, and in 300 years we'll be rich. :)

Ray said...

so do you know about eating turmeric yet? I've been eating a gram of turmeric in rice everyday. GREAT stuff. Look it up.

How are you making your own solar panels? I've long needed some for the rv.