Friday, May 16, 2008

Gas prices are kicking me in the groin

So, last night I step out of my car.....

And look up to see that I am going to be paying $37.21 for 10 gallons of gas! It is a horrific number for my little silver Toyota Matrix to see.

I use a 4% off Super America gas card to save me a few cents, or else I use my Cub Food gas coupons at Holiday. I try never to pay full price for gas, although saving 20 cents on ten gallons of gas doesnt combat the fact that I'm paying a dollar more than I did last year per gallon.

I really want to fight back, like many others are doing, and find alternative ways to work. Biking, bus, carpool ect. Except I work off hours and far enough away from my home that it becomes hard to strategize an effective new way to work.
When looking around the internet I found scam busters 16 ways to save money on gas. This list had a few good tips, and some that are a bit of a stretch. That is how most blogging lists are nowadays. It is still worth looking over.

Renewable energy is where we need to go. Whether it is fast food waste from cooking french fries, or solar power, we need to find a new alternative. The government is never looking out for our greater good, and that is why we need to do this ourselves. I feel the same way about doctors, medicines, diets, security, etc. You need to be in control of your own variables, never rely on someone else to do it for you.

I'm off to look up bus schedules.


Alicia Billings said...

Today I finally buckled and dropped it down to 60mph on a two-lane highway to save gas. First time in my life I ever got passed by a tractor-trailer, but I did see big results, compared to my usual 70mph.

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Eric D Knapp said...

Gas prices kick me in the groin daily .. I have a one hour commute (each way!), which translates to about $10 a day in gas just to get to work and then home again. I can't wait for cars like the Aptera ( to go mainstream ... I need 300mpg ... or a new job ... or even better: no job at all. Being independently wealthy would be much better than this constant fossil-fuel-powered snap-kick to the sack.

Jacob L Walker said...

When my recent lease was up, I moved closer to work to save some cash. Now I just need to buy a bike to make things cheaper.

KT said...

William, this is nothing. In L.A., it's up to $4.25 and we have the most unsafe bike lanes and the worst drivers who have no qualms hitting bikers. The hazards of living in the City of Angels.