Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ulcers in your Bladder!

Here is the comment I recieved today on my 5 best alternatives for soda post:

I recently went to the Dr. for abdominal pains. After many expensive tests - he told me that the acid in the soda I was drinking caused ulcers in my bladder. They will never go away. He put me on a special diet with no coffee, tea, soda, fruit or preservatives for the rest of my life. All this because I love Mountain Dew, and drank a six pack a day for about 20 years.
You are wise beyond your years to stop drinking it now.
Keep up the good work on the site!

I look forward to your root beer reviews (root beer - all natural is the only soda I can have).

Ulcers in your bladder! Yet another reason we should all stop drinking soda forever (click the link to read my 5 tips on how). One of the most rewarding thing about my blog, is meeting other people around the world who are also quitting soda and getting healthy. Thanks to Grandma V and all my other readers for the great comments!

Now we need to get prescription drugs and fluoride out of our water supply.