Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally a spit bucket worth spitting in

Photo is courtesy of myself in North Dakota's Flying J gas station

Aren't we as a race (human case you weren't sure) done with tobacco yet? The stuff is marketed poison and people are dying constantly from this stuff, whether you smoke it, chew it or let your skin soak it in with the patch. I understand why people got hooked on it when they did not know better, but now? The Truth TV commercials are quite poignant and effective. it simply does not make sense to me.

Once something is proven bad for us, we should do everything in our power to quit. No matter what the billboard or main character in our favorite TV show does. Hopefully, you've already read my stop drinking soda forever post.

I believe that anything that shortens your life dramatically... should be something we never do. Since, I plan to live forever, its extrmemely important that I follow my own guidelines and stay as healthy as possible.


rebecca said...

I live in a very low income neighborhood. These people have very little money, and I swear they ALL smoke!!??!! Yeah, the little bit of money they have they spend on poison to kill themselves. I have tried my hardest to figure this out. They must have absolutely NO hope, HATE themselves and just want to die, I guess they just don't care. It is beyond my comprehension. Oh they drink tons of soda. Yes they are fat and have no energy. Thing is, some are really nice people and will help anyone if needed. I'm befuddled here...

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