Friday, July 18, 2008

The art tour brings me to San Francisco

My art tour from minnesota to california and back has brought Kelsey and myself to all new places across the country. I plan to post a few of my favorite pictures from different places across the united states. Here is my five favorite pictures from my short (3 hour) visit to San Francisco.

a man walking down the streets of san francisco.

beyond biodeisel, seemed like a very uplifting image on the back of a city bus. pleasant.

Kelsey and myself found our first art-o-mat machine and purchased some artwork.

The only parking sign with a blue kitty face attached.

Geocaching brought us into a really cool park in the middle of san francisco, the trees here were simply amazing. I took about 12 pictures of this tree, from every angle. It was a masterpiece.

I have pictures to display from many different places along the art tour. I am really excited to share them here on my blog. At the same time I plan to write about differences and odd anomallies that I notice as I go from one place to another. This trip is about recording the experience.

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