Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Soda. No Cancer.

When I first started blogging, one of my very first posts has also continued to be one of my most popular posts, quit drinking soda forever . I had just quit drinking soda myself when I started blogging and have not as much as touched the stuff since. I have dabbled in energy drinks a bit, but not daily and not nearly as frequent as my soda consumption had been for previous decade.

I know I am not alone in thinking that high fructose corn syrup (or crystalline fructose) and partially hydrogenated oils are cancer causing ingredients in our food and drinks.

The last 7 weeks I have been on the road, travelling across the country to perform my art tour. I was very worried I would crave and relapse into the confort of drinking soda. I do admit weariness made me buy a few more Red Bull's then I wished I would have needed. Although, I figured alertness and staying alive was better than drowsiness and a clear caffiene conscious.

By the way have you heard of the evil and seductive creation that is Red Bull Cola?

TEA on the ROAD

I found it EASY to drink tea on the road. i used, reused and reused again my own refillable plastic mug, with my own tea bags. Nearly all gas stations do not charge you for hot water (at least when you are buying gas) and therefore I was able to feed my caffiene craving slowly during my multiple 10 hour drives across America. This gives me a lot of hope in future trips. Tea is affordable and practical on the road.

I am happy to say that you should have confidence in being able to avoid soda in almost any situation by simply keeping a reuseable mug on your hands and a cache of tea bags in your car or travelling case. This is assuming you like tea. Otherwise, find yourself a cooler and some juice. Coffee is also a suitable and practical substitute for soda at all times.

I am in love with this thing called a Hot Shot, which heats up water in 90 seconds. This makes hot tea so quick and easy its almost unrealistic. You can even be boiling noodles using this device in under 2 minutes. Crazy.

Keep that evil soda away, and lets all live forever.

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