Saturday, August 2, 2008

Real Lemons Vs Store Lemons

During our awesome stay in Costa Mesa, California I had the priviledge of staying with Marilyn Scott Waters, and Ronn Waters. They made some amazing food, some which I will blog about in the future. One of the most fascinating things they showed me about their impressive garden (which featured tons of earbs, fruits and veggitables) was the different between store bought fruit and their homegrown fruit.

The picture above depicts a store bought lemon on the left, and a Water's homegrown lemon on the right. The lemon on the left is small, cute and perfect. The lemon on the right is large, slightly mishapen and a little faded looking. Upon eating these lemons you find that the store bought lemon also has a smaller skin and less seeds.

While the crisp lemon taste is very evident in the store bought lemon, there is a lingering aftertaste that does not exist in the homegrown version. Yes, the homegrown version is much harder to peel and contains less juice. The upside is the fact that they taste more fresh and do not have any aftertaste. The homegrown lemon is not overpowering, nor long lasting. Lemonade made with fresh homegrown lemons tastes a lot more light and refreshing than even store bought lemons.

The Water's had a tree glowing with huge lemons, and it was an amazing sight to see. Especially coming from Minneaplolis where every lemon looks the same and are probably altered to look and feel exactly like the lemon in our head.

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