Friday, September 5, 2008

How we are controlled

Human Beings are under control by their own people in a multitude of ways, and have been since the beginning of our race. While sacrificing some of these freedoms for security and opportunity is needed under any governed people, I feel we are far too vulnerable and giving up far too many freedoms. Everyone needs to be very aware of the invisible jail cells that surround us constantly.

We are being control by both our Needs and our Wants



Since water is a basic need, it has taken decades for people in power to control it. There have been and currently are constant fights over water in the world and will always be. Only recently has the bottling of water been a new to profit from a free commodity. The scary thing about water is that by poluting our drinking water, and adding harmful chemicals like fluoride, we are now being forced to either buy filtered bottled water or filter the water ourselves. The only alternative is drinking the harmful chemical filled drinking water being provided from our taps. Taps that we in America are lucky to have.


Growing concerns about the global fast food chains are just. Foods have been genetically designed to taste good, and addict you for years now. While a hamburger at a fast food restaurant may seem initially cheap, the next day when we crave another helping its costing us more and more. The ultimate cost is in the waistline and in the hospital bill, if we can survive long enough to pay it. Food has been vehicles for poisons that cause cancer for decades now. We need to eat, but we do not need to eat the destructive foods on our shelves. Foods with laundry lists of ingredients are a good sign that you are eating things you should not.


We pay for health care, we pay for health insurance, we pay for pills, and we pay a lot. It is no secret that the drug administration is raking in ungodly amounts of money from us each year. Especially the elderly. Cancer (hugely caused by the poisoned foods we eat) is a growing cause of death, and the most profitable disease for the medical industry. The scary thing about the entire health care system is that doctors are rewarded for prescribing a drug, by the drug company, and can often hope or even insure you will become sick again or have to return with other harmful side effects. Health is something you must control yourself, because once you lose it, you will be paying for it for the rest of your life. Either with your paycheck, your physical health, or by taking a cupful of pills each day just to function on a regular basis.


A human beings' wants can be easily controlled by advertising. Most of our wants were very carefully designed to be just that. Therefore, the list of wants is far larger than our list of needs. The three main categories are: entertainment/objects/money.


video games

Entertainment can come in some many costly ways. Activities like painting, planting trees, reading books, bird watching will hugely rewarding for the participant are rarely advertised or encouraged by advertisements. Because these activities do not make anyone very much money, in fact, those activities are almost all free. Meanwhile, it costs us money to go see or rent a movie, gamble, or play video games. While television and radio are free, you become under the control of their time tables, by needed to watch this show, at this time and watch these ads every few minutes.

Sex and alcohol are the most shameful excuses of WANTs in the current list. Sex is part of our primal animal urges to procreate, it should not be exploited. Sex is something that easily distracts us from much more important issues. While sex can be a beautiful thing, it is also a way to craft and control people especially when used in advertising. It is shamelessy tossed in the face of everyone as if it is something we should be confronted with. Alcohol is basically selling us poison that is only strong enough to keep us silly enough to be distracted but not distracted to miss work and pay our taxes.


cell phones

We need a place to live and phones are important tools of communication. We are taught so young to crave the accumulation of new things, toys, gadgets, cars, bikes, boats, games. Very few people without advertising would crave need for a specially scientifically proven mop when they already have a perfectly good one in the closet, but advertising will convince you. A kid is satisfied with his own toys, until he sees an ad for the newest toy and must have it. Owning a bigger house or bigger car, just because you can afford it is a lame excuse for spending your money. Although it has been ingrained in you for decades, as it has me, and everyone else. It FEELS like we want it, but in reality THEY (the people in power) want us to want it.



Money has become the symbol of greed. Accumulating it can be a game for some, and a downright struggle for others. While we really do not need much of it to fulfill our NEEDS, our WANTS are very expensive. It does not take much to get a credit card, and quickly be working your life away trying to catch up. Jobs are ways to keep us occupied so that we can give the people in power more taxes and then give them even more by purchasing their WANTS. It is a gross cycle of common people working to pad the pockets of those on top. Credit cards are ways to make this cycle of money even more dangerous a trap.

For instance, no one is going to pay money to advertise drinking water from water fountains. Providing water to your people is a luxury of provided a NEED for free. However, bottling and cooling water and making it available and convenient to purchase IS something that will be advertised because the cold, convenient, bottle of water has now become a WANT. The bottled water is also expensive; while the water fountain is still free. While it is still free for us to bottle our own water and put it in the fridge that takes time. Food is the exact same way, you can grow your own food in a garden, make your own bread and cook your own meals very inexpensively and healthily. However, this takes time and good cooking is a skill. All of a sudden the microwavable meal, and the candy bar display looks so appealing and time effective. To make matter worse, both the cheap quick meal, the junk food, the candy bars are all also loaded with addictive ingredients specifically included to make you want more. How often do you see a clever ad designed to get you to eat fresh strawberries? Do you ever see cool packaging on mushrooms? A celebrity on the bag of celery? Never. Because these NEEDS are not very profitable, compared to a food you WANT that is designed to be addictive and make you feel good (also making you fat).

A scary thing to note is that everything I am writing here is just my own very truncated version of what the people in power already have and use to keep you under their control. The other scary thing to note is that they (the people in charge) already know that a percentage of people know this. The people in control know full well that smart educated people understand their strategy and are avoiding many of these methods of control. However, it takes a majority of knowledgeable people to turn away from these control devices in order to make the people at the top notice, accept they will only try to find new ways to control you. The most important person in all of this, is YOU. You need to do what you can to avoid these traps, and stay as free as possible.

What every single person needs to do, is prioritize. What do YOU want to accomplish in our lifetimes? You need to know you answer to that question so when you have the ability to indulge in free time you can make the most out of it. Every time you go to the bar, buy a candy bar, stop at a fast food restaurant, pick up a coffee, go out to gamble, buy that second ipod, add a ringtone to your phone, buy the third season of your favorite TV show, you need to ask I making the right choice. Do I really WANT this, or do THEY want me to want this?

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williamhessian said...

Fear is an obvious catergory i manage to leave out. It will be added to the work soon.

Gabriel Suchir said...

The ends means of a product will only go so far as it is allowed to do so, the very nature of a product that is bought. So only get products that you can use in length. Such as Adobe products yes? Designing future items that are useful, such as technology for helping with immortality.

People exploit themselves for sex too. So not new, but how do we control it?