Sunday, August 31, 2008

08' give a sh!t and other political lawn signs

This picture is sign 15-30 of my political lawn sign series of blogs. I currently do not own a lawn, since I rent an apartment, so my blog is my lawn. I hope you enjoy these lawn signs. I will be continuing this series until I cannot find any more good lawn signs to photograph. See my last 4 posts to see many more great lawn signs!

All pictures were taken by me. Special thanks to the Walker Art Center.

The best lawn signs of 2008:
Freedom is free- speak out!
Less War / More Jobs: we need change in 08
House and Senate for Sale
Hope over Fear
Unfortunately We are 'THEY'
08' give a sh!t (my personal favorite)
Wanted: new voters
The future over the past

You shouldn't be looking for humor in this sign, the joke is in the white house
Talk to Strangers
Bad Politicians are sent to washington by good people who don't VOTE
Halliburton sucks
Don't look at this dumb sign for answers
Burn fat, not oil

the constitutions makes a good lawn sign

See the rest of the best political lawn signs of 2008 by seeing my previous political lawn sign posts.


Beth said...

Priceless!!! House and senate for sale cracked me up.

Liam said...

I think it's a really cool idea; they're great! I hope you keep finding more.

Kim said...

I Love it!! Thanks for sharing!