Friday, September 5, 2008

Living Free of the Invisible Cages

To learn about what the invisible cages are read how we are controlled.

The first suggestion I always make is grow a garden. If you do not have room, nor time, go to local farmers' markers. Buy fresh food that is grown locally. Here you will get quality products for a good price, and help farmers in your community survive. This is extremely important because if any city or town relies too much on foreign or even long distance importing then if that stream is shut off it can implode. Too much demand, for too little products. Therefore support your local farmers' and buy locally grown food.

The second suggestion is to take advantage of your library. There are so many reasons for this. For one, the library has entertainment (videos to rent) for free, both DVD and VHS. The library not only has books but other incredible resources at your disposal. Libraries also have Internet access, printers, scanners, copy machines and for only a small percentage of the cost of a lap top computer you can have all these features instantly at your access. By properly using the library you can save yourself thousands of dollars each year.

The third suggestion is taking advantage of public parks. The outdoors is so underused in our society right now. The internet is the modern day outdoors, chat rooms are our pick nicks and emails are our hello's to the neighbors. Public parks offer everyone a huge backyard, it includes exercise and exploration while soaking in the sun and fresh air.

The fourth suggestion is renewable energy on a small scale. You might not think recharging your own batteries with cheap solar panels will do much. However, understanding solar power, wind power and magnetic energy is the key to becomming self sustainable. Self sustainable water recycling systems are great to greatly decrease our dependance on water. Only an hour on the internet you can find cheap solar panels and walk throughs on how to turn them into energy collectors.

The fifth and final suggestion is following your dollar. You need to know who you are giving your money too. If you spent most of your monthly salary paying corporations for your cell phone bills, insurance, food, entertainment then you are contributing to the problem. We need to uspport local farmers, local artists, local mom & pop shops.

My post living free of the invisible cages is part two in my opinion peice called, how we are controlled.


Kim said...

Great Post....your information is spot on!!! We can vote with our dollars!

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear ... insightful post!