Monday, September 15, 2008

Stop eating meat

One of the most poignant peice of material I recieved during the protesting the republicans in St. Paul, was an Oppose Cruelty pamphlet about not eating meat. Since I got this pamphlet I have run across many other issues that have been raised by people claiming eating meat is bad for our survival as human beings. Here is why:

Reasons why we should not eat meat:

1. Humans are not meant to eat meat- most of history humans have been vegetarian and our digestive tract suggest we should stay that way

2. Resources- meat costs us tons of resources, including land, waste, feed, and transportation

3. Cancer- meat increasing cancer in both men and women

4. Enivronment- rainforests are being cut down, 75% of topsoil is used to farm animals

5. Animal Rights- 660,000 animals are killed for meat each hour. The lives of these animals are inhumane and unjustified

6. Cost- Meat is also expensive for the consumer, you can save money eating vegetables and fruit

7. Prolonging Life- Vegetarians live an average of 10 more years than meat eaters

8. Health- besides cancer, which is the number one cause of death in america, meat eaters are often more overweight than vegetarians

9. Ethics- Eating meat supports the killing of animals.

10. Supply and Demand- the amount of materials it takes to bring meat to your table is an unseen cost beyond the money you pay for the food.

A lot of this information was adapted from top 10 reasons to be vegetarian which is an excellent article and goes more into depth of each of these reasons. Some points were also adapted from Peta.

I want to be very clear, that I myself am not a vegetarian at this time. I eat meat one or twice a week. My girlfriend and myself are trying to ween ourselves off of meat, and have set goals to become vegetarians in twelve months. I do enjoy the taste of meat, but the more research I do, the more that I cannot ignore the serious issues eating meat causes. I want to be part of the solution, therefore I will soon be vegetarian.

I suggest everyone, whether you agree with the above statements or not, simply see the website that changed my mind about the issue of eating meat, Oppose

If interested also see my Stop Drinking Soda Forever and Posionous Fluoride in our water posts.


B2 said...

You're making me hungry; I'm going to go get a burger.

jess haven said...

thanks for posting this. i've been "vegetarian" for about a decade, i suppose. really, the better label for me is "conscious eater," rather than vegetarian, but people understand the v word a lot better and it mostly sums it up, rather than boring everyone with too much detail.

you sharing your thought process of going vegetarian *as you're going through it* is really helpful, i think. i think people are much more open to hearing from someone like them, than someone like me (already veg).

here's a blog of mine from last year... is a good reference for videos, etc. they'll send you free copies, too. i really can't watch any more. but everyone should see what really happens at least once. that's all it should take to realize how horrible it is to eat meat.


jess haven said...

let's try breaking that url up...

you'll have to put it back together, though...

jess haven said...

or you can just click on my name on this comment.