Monday, February 25, 2008

Get Fluoride out of our water

Poison in our water

Recently, on public radio I heard a warning from ascientist about fluoride in our water. I did not take much stock in the comment, until a fellow blogger responding privately to my US concerns blog, brought it up as a possible way the government can control its people.

If you do a google search for, "health risks of fluoride in water" you will find some scary results. You will find that fluoride is actually not good for your teeth as it was told to us, it can actually cause you teeth to fall out, too much fluoride will give you cancer, it speeds up the aging process, it causes problems with thyroids, and a laundry list of other horrible problems. I was quickly concerned but happy that I run my water through a Birta water filter, only to find out that a water filter does nothing to take out fluoride or lead or mercury or whatever else is leaked into our water.

Clean Water

Why don't we have clean water? We should be given the choice to have flouride in out water, and not be forced to drink flouride. Even most bottled water has fluoride in them. And remember, fluoride is a poison. It is a toxic waste product. Fluoride is just slightly less toxic than arsenic, and more toxic than lead. This is a scary thing to have in our water.

Fluoride also can cause dental fluorosis, which browns your teeth until they fall out and can lead to much larger problems. Why do we have fluoride in our water?

Here is a great list of links to learn more about the truth behind fluoride


I've always believed that we are always under attack by people in power when it comes to all aspects of life. All 5 of our senses are being manipulated in attempts to control us. The easiest ways to control a population of people are by food, water and air.

Our food is filled with manufactured poisons, our drinks are most definately an addictive collection of terrible health risks, our water is not safe to drink, our air is being polluted by huge corperations and these are all things we need to live.

We need to become aware and start demanding healthy products. I want to live forever, I dont want anyone trying to poison me or ruin my health. No fluoride, give me immortality.


Ray said...

Hi Billy. I don't drink it! Not only is there poison in the water, but there is mercury in the vaccines. Tainted vaccination is what has caused the autism epidemic.
Hold your nose if you haven't been to the deep end yet, but theres no way they will stop poisoning the water. It's a population extermination agenda conceived under the bio-racist "science" of Eugenics.
The natzis wrote about their plans to do this is in the early 20th century. They fucking said they were going to do it, and now they're doing it. It's global government / New World Order policy. The uber rich war profiteers are looking for something like an 80 percent kill off so the ones left can dominate with advanced life extension technologies and play god. They are fucking sick psycho killers, they the own the banks, an thus run the planet.
Sad but true. It's all documented.

Notice you will even see "news" stories which try to shame bottled water drinkers... like, 'oh, your sending so much plastic into the landfills, you clean water drinkin polluters!'. Screw that logic, they just want you to keep drinking the poison.

**more after reading your post here**

If they really cared so much about our teeth (which they DON'T as evidence of the true nature of fluoride) they would not have used mercury as a dental filling material.

I'm pissed off cause I still have half a brain, and I'm tired of this bullshit that the Global order of death is putting everyone through.

I am glad you are aware of this issue and RESPECT you for warning others to the present danger. It's the only way anyone has a chance at being informed as to whats happening around them. THANK YOU.

If anyone reads this, go look it up. Find out for yourself. This shit is real. The global banker war lords are trying to fucking kill you. Educate yourselves. Please.

Anonymous said...

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