Sunday, October 19, 2008

Living Forever: Part Two

(it makes the most sense to read part one first-but do what you want, i cant stop you from reading them all out of order)

Part two: the problems with living forever

end of the world

whether or not you believe in end of times concepts, global warming, alien invasions, one world governments, the new world order, Illuminati, or life as a computer simulation or any other conspiracy theories, one truth is very real....we can easily die. A lot of fear, is centralized around the possibility of dying and death. It is also the one thing that is keeping us from immortality.


The biggest problem keeping us from living forever, is death. There are a myriad of ways we as human beings can die, each one of these problems needs to be easily avoidable for us to remain alive.

A list of all the ways human beings can die:

Heart disease
Cancer (this consists of many many forms)
Childhood diseases
Nutritional deficiencies
& many more

Car accidents
Drug Overdose

and old age (although I believe dying by old age, means we are dying from something we simply do not understand yet.)

Goal & solutions

The goal is easy; medically solve each of the above problems. Create situations in which human beings will avoid death given those causes. This is a large list which needs to be solved to be able to move towards the goal of immortality. Other causes will arise along the path towards immortality, and would subsequently also need to be solved. For us, right now, the solution is simply, we need to support research in disease and cancer cures, stem cell research, promote peace, end wars and violence, and solve the aging gene. Donate funds to institute and research groups studying leading causes of death, tell people about them, pass out the materials, help promote their research and ask congressmen and leaders to support this type of scientific research.

If you know institute or research groups that should be on this list please leave a comment. Once I get a good credible list I will post it as a blog for those wanting to help put their money to use and solve immortality.

Living Forever: Part Three coming soon

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Robin said...

Hi there William

you say " I believe dying by old age, means we are dying from something we simply do not understand yet" - and I agree with you whole-heartedly. Even an elderly person who dies peacefully in their sleep is dying of heart failure (I mean, usually).

Cheers - Robin