Sunday, October 5, 2008

"11th hour" movie review

11th hour: the documentary
Presented by Leonardo Di Caprio

If you care about your future, you need to see this movie. I have wanted to see this documentary movie ever since I saw the preview for it months ago. I had assumed for some reason it focused primarily on global warming, although the film did a good job of going over a number of issues and reasons why we need to take action. Here is the 11th hour website.

The film was very motivating and actually quite uplifting for a quasi doomsday warning type of film. The film featured tons of credible scientists, researchers, authors, and leaders to get across the point. The point is that we have been out of sync with our earth, and if we do not act now to reverse the damage we have caused, the earth will reject us and human beings will die.

The film struck me as powerful and right on target. I recently wrote about the film Earthlings, which was the most horrific film I have ever sat through. I had to do it in three parts, and felt physically like I had the flu during each segment. The movie Earthlings solidified the fact that I am now a vegetarian for the first time in my life, and have been without much problems for 20 days (besides the occasional craving). I wanted to recommend to everyone the movie Earthlings, but had a hard time being able to subject anyone to such a torturous film. Keep in mind the film was EXCELLENT, however far to true and brutal. It explains how human beings' treatment of animals is inexcusable and needs to end. While I feel the message is so damn right on, I know there are very few people that can sit through the entire film. I feel guilty for eating meat for 26 years of my life.

While Earthlings is something I will suggest to everyone, with a fair warning behind it; 11th HOUR is the motivational movie that I will be lending to all of my friends and family, because its message is so right on, but also much easier to digest. 11th HOUR makes you feel bad about our current state, but gives you hope for the future and solutions for ways to make change. Earthlings makes you hate human beings and their concept of superiority to other forms of life.

You can buy 11th Hour for only $4.95 at Target and I would assume other large retails like WalMart and Kmarts. The movie is well worth the money, plus you can loan it out to others and spread the hope, and not to mention the package is made from renewable energy and recycled materials.

If you enjoy documentaries that will change the way you see the world I also strongly suggest you see these movies:

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I have become a documentary junkie in the last three years, and would gladly take recommendations from those of you reading this blog. I also really enjoy art documentaries, science documentaries, and basically any documentary that is well done. If I enjoy your comments or suggestions I may make your comment the topic of a future blog post.

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