Thursday, October 2, 2008

'Meow Off' kitty benefit

Pet Haven
Pet Haven is a non-profit organization in Minnesota that rescues and re-homes cats and dogs, spays and neuters to reduce overpopulation, promotes responsible guardianship through educational programs, and advocates on behalf of companion animals.

Meow Off!
Kelsey and myself have just started volunteering, and the first event I got to go to was a Meow Off! The Meow Off raised money for Pet Haven and showed off 11 cats, of which 4 were up for adoption. The cats were judged, and awarded prizes based on their meowing, and also based on their costume. I wanted to post some pictures of the event, I also plan to make a short video of footage I took during the show, but that will have to wait until I find the time to put it together. The Pet Haven crew was very fun to work with. Kelsey and myself were assigned to decorating the prize bags and putting up spiffy signs. I also was the vote counter, to declare the winners of the Meow Off based on the judges votes. The intensity was almost too much to handle. The cats up for adoption were really amazing. You can see pictures of cats currently up for adoption on Pet Haven's cat and dog blogs.

If you live in Minnesota and want to become a volunteer, there are many options to help out. You can spread information, help on the website, be a dog or cat foster parent, or many other positions. You can find a list of volunteer opportunities here. If you want to help donate money to the program please check their website. I will be posting more about my involvement with Pet Haven in the future.

enjoy the Meow Off pictures!

Winner of the contest competition, cute hat and jersey. 

The cat walk portion of the meow off

A paw for the crowd

This kitty did not much love the outfit, but was a good sport. And took home a prize.

These were the calmest cats in the group. Practically sleeping through the Meow Off! The white one did hiss when one of the oprhan kitties broke free and went running around the Double Tree in St. Louis Park.

If you would like to see more meow off pictures you should see the meow off blog!

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